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scuff something up

to scrape or scratch something. Who scuffed my floor up? Please don't scuff up my freshly polished floors!
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I curse silently: I have often noticed those scuff marks before, scratches in the lichen, and the green protococcus algae on the rail, and wondered what had made them.
With precisely this in mind, the Scuff E-Z has been conceived.
Apple has yet to officially respond to the scuff complaints—predictably dubbed "scuffgate" by some factions of the tech press--but this is not the first time that following an Apple device launch early adopters have dealt with product quality issues.
Their weapon of choice is nothing more than a tennis ball on the end of a broomstick, a device that can be made for less than $25, but that has proven more effective at removing scuff marks than the $14,000 motorized ride-on scrubber used for general floor cleaning in the building, according to Joseph Indrisano, operations and maintenance supervisor.
There are spies everywhere; even Erland, who is loved by both Leah and Scuff, is not who he appears to be.
In the development process, Alcan Packaging Cumbria agreed with Campbell's to opt for a laminate rather than a single web specification to improve the pack's aesthetic impact and scuff resistance properties.
A significant challenge was the development of a mold release that allowed good paint adhesion without the need for scuff sanding or solvent wiping.
Coated linerboard must also resist cracking, offer scuff resistance--no "metal marking"--and provide excellent glueability.
Thermoplastics have some issues with scuff resistance," he says, "but these can be overcome through the addition of slip additives, the removal of fillers, and choosing a proper graining and finish for the instrument panel.
The product provides a supple feel with drape and lay-flat characteristics and uses a latex-free, Federal Drug Administration-approved, solventless adhesive that will not scuff, flake or chip.
Mitchanol 31 phenolic modified resinester is designed specifically for ink applications where all the desired properties, rapid setting, excellent hardness and scuff resistance may be achieved when the resin is incorporated in two-phase quickset and letterpress vehicles, according to the company.
Now, an as-of-right design that Scuff describes as "unique and different," will move the monolith into the new millennium.
John Fraenzl, a Forest Service reforestation technician, scuff s through volcanic ash 18 inches deep in a planted forest of Douglas-fir and other species, some of them over 20 feet tall, in an area that was ravaged by the eruption.
Tested against the MSC385 (chrome carbide HVOF) currently used in several North American production engines, MSC312 improves wear by up to 25 percent as well as providing improved scuff resistance.
The case against Simon Levin collapsed after the driver accepted he had been able to polish out the scuff mark on the bonnet of his company Mercedes.