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scrunch down

to squeeze or huddle down into a smaller shape. Mary scrunched down, trying to hide behind the chair. The children scrunched down so they wouldn't be seen.
See also: down, scrunch

scrunch down into something

to squeeze down into a small area or container. Fred scrunched down into his seat, hoping no one would see him there. Don't scrunch down into your seat. It's bad for your posture.
See also: down, scrunch

scrunch something down

 (into something)
1. to squeeze something into a smaller size or shape. He scrunched the wad of paper down into a hard ball. Liz scrunched down the cloth into a pad for the hot pan. Scrunch the boxes down before you throw them away.
2. to pack something tightly into something. Dave scrunched his clothing down into the drawer and closed it. Dave scrunched down his clothing into the suitcase.
See also: down, scrunch

scrunch something up

to crush or crunch up. I pounded the biscuits and scrunched them up into crumbs. He scrunched up the note and threw it upon the fire.
See also: scrunch, up

scrunch up

1. To crumple or squeeze something: She scrunched up her nose like she was going to sneeze. I scrunched my gloves up and put them in my pocket.
2. To assume a crouched or cramped posture: The dog scrunched up in the corner to keep warm.
See also: scrunch, up


tv. to crush or crunch. I hate crowds. I am afraid people will scrunch me.
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The scrunching sound was made by my eyelashes brushing against my poncho.
One Flat Thing sent a horde of dancers scurrying amid a forest of rectal tables, scrunching under and bounding above them.
Try spraying the roots of your hair with some kind of scrunching or extra-hold styling spray, blow-dry from the bottom up, and watch the magic happen
A firm, methodical scrunching action will result in the perfect paper ball which is sure to impress your friends
Then place a scrunched-up rag on the surface, scrunching the rag a little differently each time, in order to avoid an overly uniform pattern.
And we don't know whether it survives drying and scrunching.
I catch him as he kicks his sneakers off and crabs his arms back, grabbing at his shirt, backs out of it and drops it in a heap, undoes his fly and shimmies off his pants, thumbs the loose elastic of his shorts around his ankles and just tiptoes out into the water, spritzing ribs and arms, his hairy shanks and belly, squatting down and bobbing back, pincing his nose to plunk at last full under, scrunching fingers through his scalp, surfacing in a drape of foam and knuckling clear the salt sting from his eyes.
Making the world bright and white On a cold and frosty winter night Crunching scrunching under our feet Making us want a hot chocolate treat Coming into our house so snug Cuddling our family for a nice warm hug.
If used wet it will curl and de-frizz when scrunching.
Scrunching up a bit of fabric with her fingertips, she fiddled and twisted, giving instructions in rapid Russian.
Sitting at an ordinary table, she seems wildly bohemian, unconsciously scrunching her shock of blond curls between her fingers.