scrunch down into

scrunch down

1. To crouch or huddle into a small, cramped position. We all scrunched down so that the guards wouldn't be able to see us. Would the people in the front row mind scrunching down in their seats so the people in back can see better, please?
2. To squeeze, crush, or crumple something into a smaller shape, size, or space. A noun or pronoun can be used between "scrunch" and "down"; often followed by "into (something)." I scrunched the note down into a ball and tossed it across the room to Jake. I had to scrunch my suit down into the case in order for it close shut.
See also: down, scrunch

scrunch down into something

to squeeze down into a small area or container. Fred scrunched down into his seat, hoping no one would see him there. Don't scrunch down into your seat. It's bad for your posture.
See also: down, scrunch
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All you have to do is step into the elevator rather than scrunch down into a chair and then stand up at the other end.