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scrunch down

to squeeze or huddle down into a smaller shape. Mary scrunched down, trying to hide behind the chair. The children scrunched down so they wouldn't be seen.
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scrunch down into something

to squeeze down into a small area or container. Fred scrunched down into his seat, hoping no one would see him there. Don't scrunch down into your seat. It's bad for your posture.
See also: down, scrunch

scrunch something down

 (into something)
1. to squeeze something into a smaller size or shape. He scrunched the wad of paper down into a hard ball. Liz scrunched down the cloth into a pad for the hot pan. Scrunch the boxes down before you throw them away.
2. to pack something tightly into something. Dave scrunched his clothing down into the drawer and closed it. Dave scrunched down his clothing into the suitcase.
See also: down, scrunch

scrunch something up

to crush or crunch up. I pounded the biscuits and scrunched them up into crumbs. He scrunched up the note and threw it upon the fire.
See also: scrunch, up

scrunch up

1. To crumple or squeeze something: She scrunched up her nose like she was going to sneeze. I scrunched my gloves up and put them in my pocket.
2. To assume a crouched or cramped posture: The dog scrunched up in the corner to keep warm.
See also: scrunch, up


tv. to crush or crunch. I hate crowds. I am afraid people will scrunch me.
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5 cm so that the scrunch bottom can contour to one's skin perfectly and show off your beauty.
After the performance, the audience get their chance to rip, fold and scrunch their own paper creations.
When it comes being a on the breast lot of folk, scrunch up and stick in my And yet still there are too many missed appointments.
If you think that these are all for a scrunch bottom, you are definitely wrong.
So, try spraying a little salt water on already damp hair, scrunch it and then let it air-dry.
This caused the waves to slow down, and their peaks to scrunch together and get taller.
Alleged victim Darren Miles told Cardiff Crown Court he was attacked in Cleopatra's nightclub in Bargoed after recognising Michael Philpott, 28, as a schoolboy he knew as Scrunch.
That enormously amplified strength--normally hidden to our four-dimensional view--could scrunch matter and energy into minuscule black holes.
ONCE A year, we ritually gather at the mouth of a cave, scrunch down, peer into the dark, and look at--nothing.
Wearing tops that are a light color or have a vivid print with scrunch bottoms will create a more balanced appearance.
Spray lightly all over your curls, and scrunch with fingers while it dries.
Start with a fitted tee, then scrunch down last season's strapless tube dress to make a ruched empire waistline (one that sits just under your bust--very in this spring).
He told Cardiff Crown Court his attacker was self-employed construction worker Michael Philpott, 28, a man he knew years before by his nickname Scrunch.
69, and just scrunch it onto the ends, then rinse with your head forward so that the conditioner doesn't run down onto your scalp.