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mod. sloppy; unkempt. Why don’t you clean up this scruff car? It’s—like—grody!
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Usually cats go away to die but I think Scruffy has come home to die.
Even upcoming stars such as Ranveer and Arjun prefer the scruffy and shaggy look.
Scruffy and his sister were doing what a brace of Brittanys is supposed to do--criss-cross and cover all the ground like the dew covers Dixie.
He was also wearing dark blue jeans and black scruffy trainers.
Fan Nicola Rees, 26, said: Were used to seeing her as the scruffy teenager in her TV show.
But now, Scruffy Murphy's is being sued by a Samoan drinker who was refused entry to the pub.
military's preference for gearing up to fight "near-peer," state-sponsored professional militaries, our major enemy today is scruffy cells of religious zealots or political opportunists who operate in a pan-national no-man's land.
Driving through the Lower Ninth Ward, there are scattered groups on guided or unguided tours-from residents surveying their homes to tourist-filled buses and vans filled with church volunteers or scruffy activists on bikes.
Parents must make sure their children do not stay up late watching television or turn up to school looking scruffy, the head of Ofsted said.
Enter the African American superintendent of her scruffy apartment building.
True, the city is scruffy in spots,/but there are parks and trails and sushi bars/to complement the taquerias.
Why not show wonderful objects in scruffy spaces, and if a Guggenheim-style motorbike exhibition is required, put single machines into poky corners?
Speaking of which, when he took the boys swimming, he took his goggles, snorkel, flippers and earplugsWhy can't he just look scruffy, like every other Englishman?
Robertson sustains his promise as our ride continues on a manicured minefield laced with scruffy CEO's who drive dented cars, and sommeliers who double as successful authors, at a place where most of us would have to spend a fortnight's wages to properly enjoy.