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mod. sloppy; unkempt. Why don’t you clean up this scruff car? It’s—like—grody!
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Scruffy: The assistants ignore me hovering over the diamond necklace display, so I stare at them until eventually someone offers to help.
Scruffy is a huge part of my family's life and we are all extremely proud him.
The suspect is white, 5ft 9in tall, of medium build and very scruffy.
Steve hopes Scruffy Urchin will become a must-have label among young people whose lives revolve around surfing, skateboarding and other outdoor pursuits.
MOTORMOUTH Jeremy Clarkson has hit back at viewers who think he's too scruffy for TV.
While a lad from a poor family who, through no fault of his own, was a bit scruffy, is now a well-groomed gentleman who made me feel scruffy.
CELEBRITY chef Jamie Oliver gave his scruffy image the chop as he married childhood sweetheart Juliette Norton yesterday.
The 25-year-old Never Let Me Go actress and face of Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle fragrance claimed fashionistas at Chanel deserve all the credit for polishing her up for their adverts, Knightley revealed that despite her red carpet persona, she possesses a "scruffy style".
A HOTEL worker toasting 45 years' service has revealed how he once tried to throw out "scruffy" Liz Taylor.
Secondly, Kirklees has never been able to give its wholehearted attention to Huddersfield; not since Edward Heath tied it up in a bundle with the scruffy, run-down towns of the Heavy Woollen District.
The man is described as white, in his late 20s, of skinny build, and of scruffy appearance, with a blond or ginger scruffy beard, and wearing a hooded top and jeans.
Ten years on and our beautiful, gentle dog who we named Scruffy passed away in our arms.
POLICE in Nuneaton are hunting a six-footer with a "scruffy" beard who tried to steal a mountain bike at knifepoint.
It's the first time for many a day that we've scored a scruffy goal, but it was a scruffy goal.
She wanted to be with the Yorkshire terrier Scruffy Boy for the last few weeks of his life to repay the loyalty he has shown her.