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mod. sloppy; unkempt. Why don’t you clean up this scruff car? It’s—like—grody!
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I also relished Karen Kilimnik's the snow Queen causing a blizzard in Siberia, 2008, a scruffily painted white monochrome scattered with glitter.
He was your typical teenager, scruffily dressed and extreme in language.
Isabel quickly gets a job with a Mary McCarthy-ish, expatriate American author, Olivia Pace (Glenn Close under an alarming gray fall), and almost as quickly beds the scruffily adorable Yves (Romain Duris), who works for Olivia's politically progressive charity.
There was certainly a competitive streak in evidence, though - mum Candy explained: "If you're going to dress kids scruffily and not in the latest stuff then you're going to expect them to be bullied.
The millionaire Oasis frontman was scruffily dressed, behaving strangely and swore at the barman before heading to the toilets of the Holly Bush shortly before closing time, said one witness.
He has short hair but is scruffily dressed, is tanned from a summer of working out of doors, moves gracefully.
Quaye, who was scruffily dressed in jeans, a green hooded jacket and a blue beanie hat, initially said he would represent himself.
Tevez was dressed so scruffily, sporting a baseball cap emblazoned with his City squad number (32), with his gold earrings shining in the sun.
The scruffily cute Northerner has enough charisma to make every teenage girl in the audience (and OK, perhaps those a tad older) want to be his girlfriend.
Blues lost composure and conceded another to Keane three minutes later when he scruffily volleyed into the turf and beyond Taylor's reach after Huddlestone clipped the ball over the defence.
I feel we have come through a test of character today, but this win was achieved not scruffily but through some good football.
The man, who is white, in his 30s, scruffily dressed in tracksuit bottoms and a blue T-shirt, had earlier been disturbed in the garden of a neighbouring house where he told a resident he was looking for a dog.
The Champions League has assumed such important that perhaps one or two have treated the FA Cup a little scruffily in the early rounds, but a quick look down the list of winners shows it is still a competiton the big guns want to win.
Doherty appeared in the dock dressed scruffily in jeans and a leather jacket.