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mod. sloppy; unkempt. Why don’t you clean up this scruff car? It’s—like—grody!
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There is no doubt that the road has become scruffier in recent years with a general air of shabbiness, but surely millions could've been saved by the cash-strapped government if the road was widened in parts and re-surfaced.
The movie flashes back to 1974 to a much younger, scruffier Steve badly in need of a shower and some shoes.
Some say the answer is being scruffier and stinkier, but Peter Madden writes that companies such as Method, Seventh Generation and Unilever are improving technology instead.
with longer hair, tighter headband, scruffier face, looking fiercer, to save his ex girlfriend and her husband.
In all honesty, David Moyes's ragged team never played much better than they had during the preceding run of seven winless matches, but when the number in the games played column is nearing your points tally, nobody really cares if the performance is scruffier than a letter from Gordon Brown.
Russian bases are visibly scruffier, but the fighters that fly from them have screens and bypasses to keep debris out of their engines.
A few of us disgorged from a stuffy, rattling van into a village far smaller and scruffier than I'd expected from the only surviving outpost of the descendants of Colombia's escaped African captives, and the home of a rapidly vanishing language.
She dug behind the linens in the hall cupboard and pulled out a Kinko's box into which at some point she had emptied the contents of an earlier and scruffier box.
They look scruffier than the males, having a small crest on the back of the head.
The nice thing is that Vivaldi is a much scruffier composer than someone like Bach, who is much more organized," he said.
The market gets scruffier, and cheaper, further down Portobello Road, with stalls of second-hand records and books, clothes and shoes.
Aside from parts of Penn's performance as Willie Stark, which is an audiovisual universe unto itself, and the wise decision to actually shoot the picture in Louisiana (Robert Rossen filmed his likably scruffier version in California), there's not enough to look at here, and even less to get emotionally or intellectually invested in.
The burst of free enterprise in Moscow has triggered 'working-part' kiosks downtown, so the 'ok guv, just moving on' aspect is reflected in the wheels and flaps and smart paint, whereas in scruffier patches of land, little villages of huts selling vegetables or ice-cream look as if they're set to become the next generation's barriadas.
Their haunts express in full their downward cultural aspiration, and they are careful to appear scruffier than anyone would who put on normal clothes, while being also careful to distinguish themselves socially from the packs of lower-class youths who roam the streets in the tribal costume of the American ghetto underclass.