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scrub someone or something down

to clean someone or something thoroughly by rubbing. The mother scrubbed the baby down gently and put lotion on her. Please scrub down this floor.
See also: down, scrub

scrub someone or something off

to clean someone or something by rubbing. Mother scrubbed Timmy off. Liz scrubbed off the countertop.
See also: off, scrub

scrub something away

to clean something away by rubbing. See if you can scrub that rust away. Scrub away that rust if you can.
See also: away, scrub

scrub something off (of) something

 and scrub something off
to clean something off something by scrubbing. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) I have to scrub the mud off the porch steps. Did you scrub off all the grease?
See also: off, scrub

scrub something out

to clean out the inside of something by rubbing or brushing. Please scrub these pots out and put them away. Jim will scrub out the pots.
See also: out, scrub

scrub something out of something

 and scrub something Out
to clean something out of something by scrubbing. Please scrub the gravy out of the pot. Are you going to scrub out the burned material?
See also: of, out, scrub

scrub up

1. Lit. to clean oneself up. You have to scrub up before dinner. Please go scrub up before you come to the table.
2. Fig. to clean oneself, especially one's hands and arms, as a preparation for performing a surgical procedure. The surgeon scrubbed up thoroughly before the operation. When you finish scrubbing up, someone will help you on with sterile clothing.
See also: scrub, up

scrub up

Thoroughly wash one's hands and forearms, as before performing surgery. For example, The residents had to scrub up in case they were called on to assist with the operation. [c. 1900]
See also: scrub, up

scrub up

To wash the hands and arms thoroughly, as before performing or participating in surgery: The doctors and nurses scrubbed up before entering the operating room.
See also: scrub, up


tv. to cancel something. We had to scrub the whole plan because of the weather.
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Sand Scrubbing Services; ICS operates Mobile Sand Scrubbers, which are fully road transportable.
With the Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush, there's a simple way to keep the toilet clean without a germy toilet brush.
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The Scrub Club(R) is scrubbing hard to improve this statistic by not only raising awareness about the benefits of handwashing, but improving the health of children and ultimately reducing sick days in school.
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