scrub away

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scrub something away

to clean something away by rubbing. See if you can scrub that rust away. Scrub away that rust if you can.
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Work to scrub away remnants of the old ones began in 2007.
Microdermabrasion is a popular technique used by spas and dermatologists to remove the top layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis using tiny exfoliation crystals to scrub away some of the old skin.
Once the placard decal is soft, it should scrub away easily.
Scrub away those dead cells and see in the new season with revitalised skin with a refreshing body scrub like these.
Officials are having to return to the same locations to scrub away daubings criticising how the tycoons run the club.
The product is designed with an extra large, rubberized grip for man-sized hands; short, slanted bristles scrub away grit under nails, and large, dense bristles clean outer nails and cuticles.
The South Shields youngster endures hours of discomfort every day to scrub away excess layers of skin and is covered in a greasy cream and bandages to protect her from infection.
The good news is apples can brighten teeth as they will scrub away stains like coffee over time.
Scrub away and use a moisturising liquid cleanser on your skin.
Scrub away with Aquafresh Tooth & Tongue brush, with soft rubber tongue-cleaning grooves on the back of the head.
The colourful plastic Oriental cutlery is imported to British Industrial Plastics in Birmingham where it is ground down to make a unique substance to carefully scrub away paint on jumbo jets.
Use the same solvent to scrub away grease and other spills from the inside of the oven, or if the oven is self-cleaning, take mom out of the house for two to three hours while the oven does the dirty work.
The Clog Hog drain cleaner uses the power of your pressure washer to quickly pull itself deep into drains, scrub away layers of sludge on pipe walls, break apart nasty clogs, and flush out dirty residue.
team permission to visit some of the centres of the protests and crackdown to assess humanitarian needs, but activists and a Western diplomat have accused the regime of trying to scrub away signs of the crackdown.