scrounge around (for someone or something)

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scrounge around (for someone or something)

To search all around trying to locate someone or something suited to one's purpose. Stranded in the mountains until a search team came for us, we were forced to scrounge around for anything we could eat. Due to new immigration restrictions, the hotel industry along the east coast has been scrounging around for enough workers to handle their busy season. Our magazine scrounges around for the very best deals on state-of-the-art electronics and appliances.
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scrounge around (for someone or something)

Fig. to look around all over for someone or something. I scrounged around for Jamie, but she was nowhere to be found. I will try to scrounge around for a replacement part that will do the job.
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scrounge around

Forage about in an effort to obtain something at no cost, as in We scrounged around their kitchen looking for a snack. It derives from the dialectal scrunge, "steal." [Colloquial; c. 1900]
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scrounge (around )

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scrounge (around (for someone or something))

in. to look around for someone or something; to seek someone or something in every likely place. Ask John to scrounge around for a wrench.
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I could hardly wait to get one out to the range after first scrounging around for .45 Colt ammo, being careful to exclude anything rated for big Rugers or Freedom Arms single actions.
He is scrounging around for things of value his recently deceased father might have left behind, but save for some pawn certificates, he finds nothing and thoughtlessly takes a bite from a rice cake offered to his father at the family altar.
After all, it was scrounging around for new equity partners not too long ago.
In light of this, and much more, NRL News Today readers know the Abortion Industry and its apologists are scrounging around for a new formulation.
As she literally battles a raging hunger each day because her mother-in-law has ordered the servants not to cook her food in Crisco but in foul tasting ghee, Chesler starts scrounging around for canned foods before she was beset with a horrible case of dysentery and later the near fatal hepatitis that killed most foreigners that year.
"The Evil Within" is not "Doom." Instead of running around armed to the teeth and killing everything in sight, you'll always be incredibly vulnerable, scrounging around for all the health packs and ammo you can get, and yet often being low on both.
"Many have lost whatever flimsy spiritual moorings they might have had and are scrounging around for alternatives and substitutes."
Longacre, who died in 1979, knew her cookbook about eating responsibly in light of global hunger was selling wildly (200,000 copies within the first two years), and she wrote Living More with Less in part because the oil crisis and stagflation had readers scrounging around for practical tips on how to live with less in all areas of life, not just cooking.
Now that they're consumed with work and finding few takers among college graduates (another result of the poorly made decisions of the '90s) as well as restrictions on foreign workers, operating companies are clearly scrounging around for any talent they can find, and willing to pay the price.
The animals will be up until dawn, scrounging around for breakfast.
While I fervently hope I am wrong (I spend half my clinic time scrounging around for free medications to give my uninsured patients), middle class Americans are in no mood to significantly increase access to the uninsured (that is, to collectively pay in excess of $100 billion in new taxes).
For my little foray into the world of automated wildlife photography, I chose two excellent "entry level" trail cams, rotating them to different spots and different angles every 2 or 3 days, hoping to boost my voyeuristic desire to "catch" critters in the act of scrounging around for anything edible.