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scrounge around (for someone or something)

Fig. to look around all over for someone or something. I scrounged around for Jamie, but she was nowhere to be found. I will try to scrounge around for a replacement part that will do the job.
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scrounge someone or something up

Fig. to find someone or something somewhere; to dig someone or something up. I can't think of anyone just now, but I will scrounge someone up. They scrounged up an escort for Liz.
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scrounge around

Forage about in an effort to obtain something at no cost, as in We scrounged around their kitchen looking for a snack. It derives from the dialectal scrunge, "steal." [Colloquial; c. 1900]
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scrounge up

Find or round up something, as in I'll have to scrounge up another microphone for today's speaker. [Colloquial; c. 1900]
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be/go on the ˈscrounge (for something)

(British English, informal, disapproving) ask somebody for money, food, etc. without doing any work for it or paying for it: She’s always on the scrounge for cigarettes. Why doesn’t she buy her own?
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scrounge up

To obtain something by or as if by begging, scavenging, or borrowing: The dog scrounged up a bone in the pile of trash. I didn't have any quarters for the washing machine, but I scrounged some up by looking under the cushions on the sofa.
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scrounge (around (for someone or something))

in. to look around for someone or something; to seek someone or something in every likely place. Ask John to scrounge around for a wrench.
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scrounge (around )

See also: scrounge

scrounge someone or something up

tv. to get someone or something somehow. I scrounged a doctor up in the middle of the night.
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5364 Table II: Algorithm Parameter value GSO Scrounger Percentage 80% [[theta].
He speculates that other scroungers may be like him, but he has no idea if this is true.
Enter the Old Western Scrounger and his latest brain storm.
Why pick on our own when scroungers from other countries do not get any such coverage and are not sought out by social investigators?
Another mum of two said: "Just because we live next to a prison doesn't make us all scroungers and criminals - most of us are decent and hard-working.
lazy scroungers who view us as a bottomless pit of cash.
Describing RBS as a "dead bank on life-support", the shareholder added: "He's a benefit scrounger on a massive scale.
In the warped world of the Scottish Tories, a low or even averagely waged worker in a private company will fit the scrounger category - unless they pay enough tax to cancel the cost of their healthcare, education, child benefit or the rapidly diminishing tax credits.
Mick Philpott, a self-confessed scrounger who raked in PS38,000-a-year in benefit claims for his multitude of children.
PETE PRICE needs to be defended over his scrounger remarks.
Anyone who loses his or her job at the present time, regardless of how many years or how hard they have worked, is automatically treated as a work-shy scrounger.
Being unemployed and/or in receipt of benefits does nothing for your self esteem, and it has certainly been my experience that, to be unemployed, is to be regarded as a scrounger, when nothing could be further from the truth.
FROM PAGE 5: Teen dad-of-five: 'I'll spend cash however I want':A teenage father-of-five says he's allowed to spend money earned from his fame how he wants - and insists he's no scrounger.
Iain Duncan Smith apparently subscribes to the same misguided theory that everyone on benefits is a bone-idle scrounger.
The serial scrounger had been a drain on taxpayers for more than 12 years, illegally claiming income support, housing and council tax benefit.