scrounge around (for someone or something)

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scrounge around (for someone or something)

To search all around trying to locate someone or something suited to one's purpose. Stranded in the mountains until a search team came for us, we were forced to scrounge around for anything we could eat. Due to new immigration restrictions, the hotel industry along the east coast has been scrounging around for enough workers to handle their busy season. Our magazine scrounges around for the very best deals on state-of-the-art electronics and appliances.
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scrounge around (for someone or something)

Fig. to look around all over for someone or something. I scrounged around for Jamie, but she was nowhere to be found. I will try to scrounge around for a replacement part that will do the job.
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scrounge around

Forage about in an effort to obtain something at no cost, as in We scrounged around their kitchen looking for a snack. It derives from the dialectal scrunge, "steal." [Colloquial; c. 1900]
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scrounge (around )

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scrounge (around (for someone or something))

in. to look around for someone or something; to seek someone or something in every likely place. Ask John to scrounge around for a wrench.
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For food, one has to literally scrounge around for bananas and coconuts.
And for the new Miss Universe's breakfast in bed shoot, the hotel was so new it had to scrounge around for the right silverware, which the banquet manager eventually produced (from her own family collection).
Scrounge around for holiday gift wrappers, and cards you have in stock before buying any.
We note that there are an abundance of squirrels and pigeons that live near the Court -- no doubt the Justices will enjoy taking their front-loader muskets out there when they scrounge around for lunch.
"I have had some trouble with my suppliers and have had to scrounge around for materials."
"We were forced to scrounge around for our own party poppers and balloons, which we blew up ourselves.
The girls' day of fun and glory in Statue Square very quickly turns to anxiety that they would be late for curfew and get dismissed, as happened to one who was peremptorily fired and had to scrounge around for shelter in the middle of the night.
The loss was the first in two games for the Texters, who are now left to scrounge around for a replacement for Johnson with a game against GlobalPort coming up on Friday at Mall of Asia Arena.