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scrounge around (for someone or something)

Fig. to look around all over for someone or something. I scrounged around for Jamie, but she was nowhere to be found. I will try to scrounge around for a replacement part that will do the job.
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scrounge someone or something up

Fig. to find someone or something somewhere; to dig someone or something up. I can't think of anyone just now, but I will scrounge someone up. They scrounged up an escort for Liz.
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scrounge around

Forage about in an effort to obtain something at no cost, as in We scrounged around their kitchen looking for a snack. It derives from the dialectal scrunge, "steal." [Colloquial; c. 1900]
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scrounge up

Find or round up something, as in I'll have to scrounge up another microphone for today's speaker. [Colloquial; c. 1900]
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be/go on the ˈscrounge (for something)

(British English, informal, disapproving) ask somebody for money, food, etc. without doing any work for it or paying for it: She’s always on the scrounge for cigarettes. Why doesn’t she buy her own?
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scrounge up

To obtain something by or as if by begging, scavenging, or borrowing: The dog scrounged up a bone in the pile of trash. I didn't have any quarters for the washing machine, but I scrounged some up by looking under the cushions on the sofa.
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scrounge (around (for someone or something))

in. to look around for someone or something; to seek someone or something in every likely place. Ask John to scrounge around for a wrench.
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scrounge (around )

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scrounge someone or something up

tv. to get someone or something somehow. I scrounged a doctor up in the middle of the night.
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Like the new Ford Mustang raffle for people who scrounge up five other people to go and vote, offered jointly by the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation and the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project.
What's different this year is I'll go out there some days and scrounge out a couple of hits, but sometimes average is misleading.
Pupils in eight out of 10 schools face hardship as parents are forced to scrounge cash needed to heat and light classrooms and provide necessities.
County and city officials didn't seem to think they could scrounge up the necessary $2 million between them to continue their minimal fight against street gangs - L.
The Beavers are trying to scrounge up $100,000 to push Simonton, the only back in Pac-10 history to run for 1,000 yards in three consecutive seasons.
They're only allowed to use their wits, minimum-wage earnings and whatever else they can scrounge together.
Just as it managed to scrounge up the cash for an 8.
gymnastics federation went riding down to Houston to summon Karolyi out of retirement to see if he could scrounge up something resembling a world- class squad in time for Sydney.
At 26 she scrounges enough off the state to fund her smoking, drinking and wild parties.
She scrounges desolately in the woods for any food she can find, and it isn't until she takes in a ghostly white greyhound that her heart starts to open up again to others.
Best known as a cowardly scavenger that scrounges leftover carcasses, the hyena's reputation ranks about equal with that of, say, a pickpocket.
com also offers the "Money Makeover", a contest where winners are given access to a team of money "stylists" and financial planners who will "take you from one who scrounges the quarters that slipped between the seats of your car to a financially well-groomed mini-mogul.
Jace scrounges off his parents (his dad's a metalhead who thinks his music stinks) and heads to the unemployment office, where - well, let's just say tonight's pilot offers the most unlikely scenario in recent TV history, in which a sexy young caseworker flirts randily with this beleaguered scofflaw traipsing through her office.