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flip the script

1. tv. to lie; to change one’s story. The guy flips the script depending on whose listening.
2. tv. to reverse positions in a situation; to turn the tables on someone. Now he’s the one who’s in trouble! That’s really flipping the script!
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n. a note; any piece of paper with a written message. (Underworld.) Make him sign this script before you let him in on the deal.


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27, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Optmyzr, a company founded by ex-Googlers to create tools and reports that make managing AdWords more efficient, has introduced Enhanced Scripts(TM) to make AdWords Scripts more accessible to account managers without programming skills.
com)-- ProXScripts has launched its latest script - xRevenuePro.
And it's a collaboration that George Paz, president and CEO of Express Scripts, expects to flourish and serve as a model for public-private initiatives.
Users can now view and manage batch files from within the application, change the order that scripts run in the batch file, easily update batch files when scripts change, and select batch file run options.
An enhanced Query Analyzer includes support for opening scripts and saving results in different encoding types, printing of scripts and results, server side comments, enhanced syntax coloring and more.
This awareness helps DCFRN develop topics, which in turn become radio scripts.
Planned scripts prevent us from becoming bogged down on one or two plays.
When you set out to write a script about a hotel room, you're going to be writing about sex, because that's what happens in hotel rooms," explains David Weaver, the director and co--writer of Century Hotel, a high--concept entry in this year's Perspective Canada at the Toronto International Film Festival.
However, Alan Levitt, the administrator of the ONDCP's controversial arrangement with the networks, met with ABC salespeople last spring and asked the network for advance scripts instead of aired tapes in order to grant credit, ABC executives said.
The new report, published in the March 19 SCIENCE, supports the view that the earliest scripts developed relatively gradually and challenges the notion that sudden bursts of innovation produced the first writing systems (SN: 3/6/93, p.
Developed for the typical enterprise system administrator who finds a need to write scripts in order to automate many day-to-day tasks, FastTrack Scripting Host 2010 is designed to simplify this process by allowing the user to write one script line in order to perform one operation.
One of the most basic, often overlooked, means of achieving this is by automating the repetitive and mundane tasks required of a Network Admin through the use of scripts.
Express Scripts serves thousands of client groups, including managed-care organizations, insurance carriers, employers, third-party administrators, public sector, and union-sponsored benefit plans.
Since both address some of the things we emphasize, they proved enormously helpful in the preparation of our scripts.
Despite the current chorus of cultural critics who lament the ``dumbing down'' of movie scripts, often citing the dialogue in ``Titanic'' as an example, movie fans have started snapping up screenplay books.