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flip the script

1. tv. to lie; to change one’s story. The guy flips the script depending on whose listening.
2. tv. to reverse positions in a situation; to turn the tables on someone. Now he’s the one who’s in trouble! That’s really flipping the script!
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n. a note; any piece of paper with a written message. (Underworld.) Make him sign this script before you let him in on the deal.


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VPN logon scripts - Utilize the FSH free SmartDock utility to launch scripts, when computers establish a VPN connection.
The federal government gave television networks financial incentives to put anti-drug messages into the scripts of some of their most popular shows, including NBC's ``ER,'' ABC's ``The Practice,'' CBS's ``Chicago Hope'' and Fox's ``Beverly Hills 90210.
Since both address some of the things we emphasize, they proved enormously helpful in the preparation of our scripts.
In Canada, Atlantis, Alliance and Nelvana use ScriptThing, the latter company taking advantage of features built in for animation scripts.
Before the alphabet, investigators held, rulers and bureaucrats had nurtured arcane scripts that served their own purposes while leaving the masses illiterate.
BRI) announced today the availability of FastTrack Scripting Host 2010, a rapid scripting tool that simplifies the work of system and network administrators who find a need to write scripts in order to automate day-to-day tasks.
Despite the current chorus of cultural critics who lament the ``dumbing down'' of movie scripts, often citing the dialogue in ``Titanic'' as an example, movie fans have started snapping up screenplay books.
Script Start also integrates perfectly with your existing KiXtart and manually written scripts.
In the letter, Caremark's Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President Mac Crawford detailed the Board's thorough process leading up to the merger agreement with CVS and its subsequent rejection of the hostile Express Scripts proposal.
Express Scripts will hold its quarterly conference call to discuss these results on that same day, beginning at 9:00 a.
A new scripting document has been added together with syntax checking and debugging tools to simplify the production of Materials scripts.
The Scripting Edition license includes a royalty-free distribution of the iMacros engine, so scripts and macros can be provided to third parties.
0 editions offer everything a person would need to produce scripts faster, create scripts that are more effective, and manage even larger software and Web development projects.