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flip the script

1. tv. to lie; to change one’s story. The guy flips the script depending on whose listening.
2. tv. to reverse positions in a situation; to turn the tables on someone. Now he’s the one who’s in trouble! That’s really flipping the script!
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n. a note; any piece of paper with a written message. (Underworld.) Make him sign this script before you let him in on the deal.


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For instance, a brief scripted greeting shared by all employees can include the company tagline for branding.
The solution is flexible scripted customization of software applications and components.
Key features include ClickScript, which automates the generation of thousands of interactive scripted actions through its point-and-click interface; the Property Inspector, for quickly viewing and changing properties of objects; and powerful extensions to SuperCard's ability to display external media, which enhances Web development and improves memory usage.