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flip the script

1. tv. to lie; to change one’s story. The guy flips the script depending on whose listening.
2. tv. to reverse positions in a situation; to turn the tables on someone. Now he’s the one who’s in trouble! That’s really flipping the script!
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n. a note; any piece of paper with a written message. (Underworld.) Make him sign this script before you let him in on the deal.


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Optmyzr has launched Enhanced Scripts(TM), a simple user interface for running AdWords Scripts, making advanced online marketing automation as simple as filling out a form, with no coding skills required.
Free Add-ons: The script is available with free 11 dynamic add-ons such as PPC (Pay Per Click), PTC (Paid to Click), Banner Ads, Login Ads, Text Ads, Dynamic Banner Ads, Balance Transfer, URL Shortner, URL Rotater and Jackpot Solo Ads.
Ishizuka's installation served as a shimmering final embodiment of the script and proved there are ways to approach history other than by placing its legacies in a glass case in a museum.
Once a script is developed, there is a review process managed by volunteer technical experts.
On Wednesdays, we will script 3rd and short, 4th and short, goal line.
Certainly, the dynamic quality of the script was a contributing factor.
PASADENA - ABC executives said Saturday the White House drug policy office asked for scripts of TV shows before they were aired as part of its program content-for-advertising swap, directly contradicting what the White House office said Friday.
Justeson and Kaufman employed several tactics to understand the La Mojarra script.
Licensing for FastTrack Scripting Host 2010 is per-seat, based on the number of computers executing an FSH script.
Cloud-based inventory - Inventory your computers with a single script command.
Any staff can adapt the script to situations that might effect the team's performance.
Launched about two years ago with the script for ``The Shawshank Redemption,'' Frank Darabont's Oscar-nominated adaptation of a Stephen King novella, the series now numbers about a dozen screenplays printed in their proper, original typescript format.
In fact, ScriptThing's ability to import and export screenplays from and to many other programs is one of its main attractions for writers, producers and script editors.
These researchers assert that ancient cultures in the Near East, Egypt, China, and the New World each boasted a few innovators who took no more than a century to introduce a script where none had previously existed.
Unsupported Version of Script Start to Be Available for Free
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