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scrimp and save

To spend as little money as possible; to be especially frugal, especially with the aim of saving up for something bigger. Ever since we had our second child, we've had to scrimp and save to make sure they both get what they want for Christmas.
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scrimp and save

 and pinch and scrape
to be very thrifty; to live on very little money, often in order to save up for something. We had to scrimp and save in order to send the children to college. The Smiths pinched and scraped all year in order to go on a Caribbean cruise.
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scrimp on something

to try to economize on the use of something; to fail to use enough of something. Please don't scrimp on the quality of the food. There is enough money. You don't have to scrimp on anything.
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scrimp and save

Economize severely, spend as little as possible, as in For years we had to scrimp and save, but now we can enjoy life more. [Mid-1800s]
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scrimp on

To consume something sparingly in order to conserve it, or be frugal when buying something in order to save money: When my salary was cut, I had to scrimp on food in order to pay my rent.
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Devastated Ann Woods, of Kirkcaldy, Fife, was looking forward to her two-week trip to the Far East after scrimping and saving for two years.
Kim, of Long Lawford, near Rugby, said: "After two years of scrimping and saving, I'm glad this expedition is finally happening.
And all the while, City Hall kept shrinking services to the public and scrimping on sewers, streets and other basics.
By scrimping on recent or current radicals, the book gives the faulty impression that there are no leaders or movements today that are carrying the radical banner.
MINTED old rocker Rod Stewart certainly isn't scrimping on the invitations to his wedding to Penny Lancaster.
The reason is not only that people hate to scrimp, or appear to be scrimping, on their loved ones, but also that people shop for funerals infrequently and have little sense of what prices should be.
Ex-brickie Rankin spent the last year scrimping and scraping on the Challenge Tour and missed an automatic tour place by one spot and just pounds 281.
She recalled a childhood of scrimping, study and an abiding ambition to act despite her family's pressure on her to teach.
Be it in agriculture or construction, tight-fisted employers have for years got away with scrimping at the expense of their workers' safety.
Now her scrimping days are over, but her family are still top of her priorities.
And the multi-millionaires won't be scrimping on the union.
HOLIDAYMAKERS are scrimping on security by using DIY methods to protect their homes while they're away, insurance chiefs warned yesterday.
We ask Minister McDowell, as a matter of urgency, to ensure the effectiveness of the force is not affected by scrimping on any vitally important training.
Emily, 75, who has been scrimping by on an pounds 89-a-week pension, said last night: "What am I going to do with pounds 3.
I doubt this will get the sympathy vote from pensioners scrimping and saving to make ends meet, either.