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scrimp and save

To spend as little money as possible; to be especially frugal, especially with the aim of saving up for something bigger. Ever since we had our second child, we've had to scrimp and save to make sure they both get what they want for Christmas.
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scrimp on (something)

To choose to consume or spend on something very sparingly or frugally as a way of conserving one's money or resources. I got so used to scrimping on food when I was broke so that I could afford my rent. Now that I have a decent salary, it's hard not to have the same mentality. We cut corners where we had to so that we could afford the wedding we wanted, but we made sure not to scrimp on a good photographer!
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scrimp and save

 and pinch and scrape
to be very thrifty; to live on very little money, often in order to save up for something. We had to scrimp and save in order to send the children to college. The Smiths pinched and scraped all year in order to go on a Caribbean cruise.
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scrimp on something

to try to economize on the use of something; to fail to use enough of something. Please don't scrimp on the quality of the food. There is enough money. You don't have to scrimp on anything.
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scrimp and save

Economize severely, spend as little as possible, as in For years we had to scrimp and save, but now we can enjoy life more. [Mid-1800s]
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scrimp on

To consume something sparingly in order to conserve it, or be frugal when buying something in order to save money: When my salary was cut, I had to scrimp on food in order to pay my rent.
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FROM PAGE 7: LOTTERY ENDS OUR CASH WOE:They scrimped and saved to buy their pounds 50,000 terraced house.
My mother scrimped and saved during her working life and has a grand total of pounds 7,000 to her name.
While secessionists scrimped to put together a shoe-string campaign, City Hall simply tapped into a rich network of insiders to buy a top-rate TV and radio scare campaign.
Her world was rocked when thieves broke into her house and stole the school clothes she'd scrimped to buy for Stefan and his twin sister Megan.
The credits help those who have been careful and gone without holidays and extras and scrimped for their old age.
They worked, endured, scrounged and scrimped,'' Bill says.
She's scrimped, saved and struggled all her days to bring up her 14 children to be decent, hard- working citizens.
On retirement about four years ago, I bought my current home for cash, having scrimped and saved for that great day.
Her family scrimped and saved for her air fare, and the Hong Kong Society for the Deaf agreed to underwrite her four-year college tuition at $3,300 a year.
Parents Sharon and Geoff Ruderham, who live on income support, had scrimped and saved to buy Andie, nine, and Samantha, six, the Game Boy, hi-fi and Tweenies toys they asked for.
Many other resident of Izmit posed similar questions, complaining that contractors had scrimped on the amount of cement used to bind the concrete.
My parents scrimped to save money to send me to a prep school (McDonough School in Baltimore) for an expensive education.
They scrimped and saved to pay their PAYE contributions while fat cats who didn't hand over a penny lived it up in the lap of luxury.
You'd like to believe the testing would be a moot point, that elite athletes, even those barely old enough to drive, would treat their bodies with as much care as they would the car they scrimped and saved for.
To celebrate her success, Dorlac scrimped and saved to produce her own exercise video called ``Marilyn's 15-minute Motivational Workout.