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scribble away (at something)

to write hard and fast at some task. He scribbled away at his notes as the lecturer droned on. Jane sat in the library scribbling away.
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scribble something down

to write something down fast and not too neatly. He scribbled the figure down and raced for the telephone. Liz scribbled down the telephone number.
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scribble down

To write something quickly without paying attention to readability or style: She grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled down the address that I told her. He scribbled a number down on his notepad.
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With simple one-touch controls, Scribble Hero game players are able to collect coins to unlock game boosts, tombstones, weapon upgrades and extra lives, the rewind mode lets players fight back and cause more havoc when they lose a level too soon on any of the 50 levels, filled with non-stop arcade action and waves of enemies.
A child's first scribbles are usually smooth and flowing lines, reflecting the exercise of simple motor skills.
Before their second birthday, toddlers scribble frequently, but rarely attribute any representational significance to their creations.
From the scribbles that Jackson and co-founder Jason Palmer mulled over on that napkin in 1998 came the idea for Mascot Network (www.
University of Delaware), authors of the award-winning book Einstein Never Used Flashcards, looks beyond the surface of children's first scribbles to uncover important clues about their development.
Crayola, the expert in creative tools for young children, collected the scribbles, paintings and drawings featured from children around the country as young as 10 months old.
Scribbles dominated the race twice, motoring his ball to the edge of the center circle as if he knew he was being watched.
At one point in the meeting, Gearan scribbles, "Try to poke holes in their story.
Utilizing ART's voice and handwriting recognition technologies, smARTspeak and smARTwriter, smARTcar is a complete solution for automobiles, providing total control of the automotive systems and multimedia controls with user-defined voice commands and fingertip scribbles.
The evidence of recent inhabitants is limited to yellow daisies in a vase and assorted scribbles on the tabletop.
Few audience members are likely to sympathize with its protagonist Ben (Shant Bejanian), a poet who scribbles madly at his poems while his young son Johnny (Terin Jackson) goes out and forages for food.
Our product eliminates the frustration of trying to read hand-written edits and scribbles.
So perhaps the Marilyn is a symptom of being torn, of having not really found a way of reconciling two philosophies of art - or two philosophies of being - exemplified in the tension between the expressivity of urgent scribbles and the deadpan, photo-mechanical look that had become his signature style.
From Peter Szarka's vaguely cultic, otherworldly Africa '69 or '96, 1992 (Africa is still a faraway "other" to Hungarians), in which a steam-puffing black pedestal was placed over an image of an African rug projected onto the floor, to Gabor Farkas' down-home but spooky niche constructed from a backpack, table, fishing line, and colored chalk scribbles on the wall and floor (at once innocent art-classroom disorder and scene of violent crime), all the works here spoke to our collective fears and desires.
He covers them with organic forms and patterns, adding smears, blotches, and scribbles.