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I was in a hurry, so I snatched Alec's letter -- as I thought -- out of the envelope and scribbled down a postscript.
With clues for Royal Ascot also likely to be bursting through on the cards at Beverley, Haydock, Navan and Newmarket there will not be much chance to put your feet up and take it all in as notes and opinions are furiously scribbled down left, right and centre.
Freddie scribbled down the names of some of Queen's biggest hits, including "We Will Rock You," "Tie Your Mother Down," and "Bohemian Rhapsody."
There are also various bits of paper at the bottom of my bag, on which I've scribbled down things - these obviously must be kept.
I buy the other items so meticulously scribbled down by the wife, and stopping off at the tobacco and cigar store for my daily cheroot, carrying what I hope is the first and last of the seasonal gifts, I fight my way through the throng and meander back to the bus station.
Jay-Z had scribbled down rhymes from an early age and his love for lyrics paid off in 1989 when he bagged himself a record deal.
Adil Mahmoud, a nine-year-old student, scribbled down 'happy' in big bold letters on a yellow note and wasted no time in placing it next to his friends' messages.
The court waited silently for several minutes at a time as Mellanby scribbled down long answers to often short questions.
Anthony Tokarczyk, 66, was unaware that one of the motorists he had driven past on the wrong side of the A539 at Overton was PC Darren King, who quickly scribbled down the car registration on his hand.
WACOM BAMBOO SPARK Everything from shopping lists to appointments can be scribbled down and saved to the Cloud.
I mean, the set list can often be scribbled down ten minutes before the show, and even then, we rarely stick to the order.
After a pizza with the business school's dean, the architect scribbled down a design for a treehouse shaped building with a central trunk with branches for learning and reflecting.
Every email, tweet, text, status update and comment was scribbled down and photographed with her phone.
The book does get a bit repetitive towards the end, and it crossed my mind more than once that Chesshyre should have perhaps refrained from sharing absolutely everything he'd scribbled down through his trip.