scribble away

scribble away (at something)

to write hard and fast at some task. He scribbled away at his notes as the lecturer droned on. Jane sat in the library scribbling away.
See also: away, scribble
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Most of the celebrity portraits he produced, such as the one of Cinderella star Blanchett, were done during the press conferences, when the artist would scribble away as they talked to the journalists.
TALENTED doodlers across the region are being invited to scribble away for a worthy cause.
From transforming a wall into a working surface, to providing a space for kids to scribble away with any standard dry erase marker--there really are no limits to the creative applications for our Dry Erase Coating.
He could write things down, and he would scribble away," the Age quoted her as telling W Magazine.
Let them scribble away to their hearts' content for just 99p with a Doodle Activity Book.
The 40-year-old gets up at 5am to scribble away, before heading off to work at Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics in Llanberis.
So go ahead, ban the boys from writing books while they're still playing - that's not the worst idea, as it happens - but don't you dare allow them to scribble away their thoughts and then have the cheek to say that they're in trouble if they state the truth.
The show will address the full range of writers: amateur novelists who scribble away in obscurity, screenwriters slaving away in the engine rooms of Hollywood, blockbuster novelists and beginning writers who just want to write for the local newspaper.
Using Crayola TaDoodles Crayon Buddies, toddlers can scribble away on the light-up tummy or anywhere else on the washable bear.
She gives an interview from behind a plastic sheet as the reporters scribble away while wearing ball mouth gags.
I would scribble away about things that had happened to me but no-one was ever interested so then I would screw it up and throw it in the bin.
The To my Megasketcher is a great toy for toddlers and they can scribble away at home or in the car.
They can scribble away to their hearts' content,but if the product starts to lose sales then maybe their editors will begin to take note of the reason why' We live in world where we believe in the democracy and freedom of the press,but some of the personal attacks on Rangers people have been way over the top - and they know it.
Like some demented diarist, he would scribble away during games as if to produce novel-sized analyses for his puddled players to pore over.