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scribble away (at something)

to write hard and fast at some task. He scribbled away at his notes as the lecturer droned on. Jane sat in the library scribbling away.
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scribble something down

to write something down fast and not too neatly. He scribbled the figure down and raced for the telephone. Liz scribbled down the telephone number.
See also: down, scribble

scribble down

To write something quickly without paying attention to readability or style: She grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled down the address that I told her. He scribbled a number down on his notepad.
See also: down, scribble
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Scribble Technologies lately purchased California-based CoverItLive from Demand Media.
The app features unique hand-drawn graphics of the hero battling with an army of sinister scribbles and deadly doodles on 50 levels.
We usually complete more than one of these scribble abstractions because the students are very enthusiastic.
The enhanced functionality we've built into Soonr Workplace and Soonr Scribble will significantly improve both usability and performance for businesses that use Android-based devices - it's the next step on our on-going mission to help people do business faster on any mobile device.
By partnering with Adonit, we will offer Soonr Scribble users a more dynamic way to work on their iPads and iPhones than ever before, said Martin Frid-Nielsen, co-founder and CEO of Soonr.
We are excited to be partnering with the talented team at Scribble as they continue to develop innovative real-time web solutions for their expanding customer base.
I have one of those nifty laptops where you can scribble or draw or write on the screen; I use it extensively.
We used our dipshit decoder (Google) and found out that one little chicken-scratch scribble is an mf'ing MapQuest to Earth
Saint-George also mentored Alexandre Dumas's lather in fencing, met with Toussaint-Louverture and caused the future American President John Adams to scribble in his diary that Saint-George was '<the most accomplished man in Europe in riding, running, shooting, fencing, dancing, musick.
Before their second birthday, toddlers scribble frequently, but rarely attribute any representational significance to their creations.
A rounded doodle was associated with a soft-sounding name; a pointy scribble got the hard consonants.
Zeltzman and Colburn scribble a witty laundry list of gestures and opposing movement textures in Finest Futility/Almost Pristine, from John Travolta's shuffle to the tics of someone on Thorazine.
Every accountant who is fed up with this totally incomprehensible gobbledygook should tear this column out of the paper, scribble across it |I agree' and send it to the AICPA.
NEW YORK, July 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Make Meaning, the ultimate experiential retail and events destination where children and adults can choose from over 50 creative experiences ranging from cake decorating and candle making to jewelry design, soap creation and ceramics, has acquired Scribble Press, a retail "make your own book" format launched in California in 2008.
When confronted with an urbanistic program, an architect may either (a) design a masterly construction, an inspired architectural gesture (a composition); (b) take what exists, fill in the gaps, complete the text, scribble in the margins (a complement); (c) deconstruct what exists by critically analysing the historical layers that preceded it, even adding other layers derived from elsewhere--from other cities, other parks (a palimpsest); or (d) search for an intermediary--an abstract system to intermediate between the site, as well as all given constraints, and some other concept, beyond city or program (a mediation) .