screw you

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1. verb, vulgar slang To have sex (with someone). She's been screwing her secretary for months behind her husband's back. I used to share an apartment with a couple who were screwing constantly. It was really unpleasant.
2. verb, rude slang Used as an imperative to express utter contempt, disdain, or disregard for someone or something. A: "Get out of here, pal." B: "I have every right to be here, so screw you!" Man, screw this. I'm sick and tired of this dead-end job. A: "What about our customers? Won't this put their investments in jeopardy?" B: "Maybe, but it benefits us—so screw 'em."
3. verb, rude slang To con, swindle, cheat, or unfairly deprive one; to put one at a disadvantage or in a difficult position, especially in an unfair or selfish manner. We should have won—that ref screwed us! Tom totally screwed us when he quit in the middle of the project!
4. noun, vulgar slang Sexual intercourse. It's been nearly four months. I'm in dire need of a good screw. If you're just looking for a screw, then you need to look elsewhere, buddy. I ain't that kind of gal.
5. noun, vulgar slang A sexual partner, especially solely as an object of gratification. Would you look at his body? I bet he's an amazing screw.
6. noun, dated slang A prison guard. The screws in this joint are sadistic. They're more dangerous than the other inmates.

screw (someone)/that

A rude and angry expression of disgust or dissatisfaction with someone or something, especially indicating that one doesn't want to be associated with the person or do the thing in question. A: "The manager said all staff have to be in tomorrow at 6 AM to help with the stock check." B: "Screw that! There's no way I'm coming in that early!" She treated you like garbage, and now she expects you to help her with the business? Screw her!
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screw you

rude slang An interjection of angry dismissal or contempt. A: "Wow, you're a lousy mechanic, Ben." B: "Hey, your car's running, isn't it? So screw you!" Screw you! I'll didn't want to eat with you anyway!
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screw you

Go to hell, as in You won't help after all? Well, screw you! A euphemism for the still ruder fuck you, this slangy term dates from the mid-1900s.
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