screw into

screw (something) into (something)

1. To drive or tighten a screw or similar fastener into something. You forgot to screw these last two screws into the wall! Be sure to screw this into the center rail of the bedframe to keep it secure.
2. To affix or secure something into or onto something with screws or in the manner of a screw. The engineer screwed the new circuit board into the machine. We should start getting a better connection once I screw this signal booster into the router.
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screw something into something

to twist something that is threaded into something. I screwed all the screws into the back of the computer and turned it on. Please screw this bracket into the wall.
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For the 1st five tests, [DELTA] linearly increases with log(P), suggesting a gradual engagement of the screw into the gearbox sleeve at increasing die backpressure.
From the bottom of the carriage, insert the screw into the tapped hole to the rear of the pintle.
The compound is then forced from the screw into the barrel in the Transfermix section, where the opposite flighting of the screw and barrel create intensive shearing and hence heating and homogenization of the compound.
After you insert the step or "T" screw into the proper slot, you simply grip the Buck Screw and apply pressure against the tree, rotating clockwise until the step or "T" screw is in the tree.
The receding flights of the screw intersect with the increasing channels of the barrel, so that the extrudate is partly forced out of the screw into the barrel and hence sheared normal to the flow already transferred into the barrel.