screw down

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screw something down

to secure something to the floor or a base by the use of screws. You had better screw these seats down or someone will knock them over. Please screw down the shelf.
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4 o'clock: a screw down crown either seals air out of the movement or allows it in (for altitude function).
It appears that whoever secures first run will go on to land the spoils, and preference is given to ELWICK BOLERO on the basis he may have the edge in the early pace department before really turning the screw down the far side.
According to the police report, Castro shoved a screw down her throat to make the fatality look like an accident.
Washington, June 29 (ANI): McAllen police have arrested a 28-year-old man for killing his 2-year-old stepdaughter during the World Cup soccer game on last Saturday by jamming a screw down her throat in an attempt to make the slaying appear accidental.
NFU Scotland has used the announcement as a warning to cheese buyers who "continually screw down the prices paid for a quality fresh product like cheese".
Following this, go over to your belt grinder or use a Dremel tool with an abrasive grinding point to smooth the cut end of the screw down to match the rear surface of the Screw Chek'r.
Locking clips and screw down configuration for the socket are optional.
This is a case of trespassing on a metaphor, an attempt to screw down divine realities into manageable formulas.
THE brother of a Bali bomb victim had to screw down the coffin to bring him home to Britain.
But I was able to follow him and screw down the drag a bit.
It deploys what it describes as "SWAT" teams of software engineers on projects to minimize errors and screw down customer costs.
Slide this plate onto the 2 by 3 and screw down through top moulding strip to secure it.
The new deck board works with Trimax's unique hidden clip system that ensures perfect spacing and alignment; also offering an alternative to the traditional screw down board.
12mm, Length: 06 meter,Non-Fuse DIN Rail Terminal, 32A,630V, Beige, Screw Down Termination, 26-12 AWG ,Miniature SRBP base for group panel, Copper Lug `U` type size: 2.
A It's probably the nails, so remove them and screw down the board instead.