screen out of

screen out of (something or some place)

1. To act as a barrier in order to keep something out of something or some place. A noun or pronoun is used between "screen" and "out." We're putting new practices and guidelines in place to help screen defective parts out of the earliest stages of the manufacturing process. We've developed a new operating system mode for younger children that specifically screens mature or inappropriate content out of their online browsing.
2. To deny admittance, acceptance, clearance, or approval of someone from some place or thing. A noun or pronoun is used between "screen" and "out." I have a feeling they screened me out of the hiring pool because I don't have a master's degree. The letting agency has been accused of screening applicants out of consideration based on their sexual orientation.
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screen someone or something out of something

 and screen someone or something out
to filter someone or something out of something. The test screened all the unqualified candidates out of the group. We screened out the suppliers who were not financially sound.
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