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screeching drunk

slang Extremely drunk. Our son came back to the house with two of his friends, and they were all obviously screeching drunk, making a huge ruckus downstairs before finally settling down for the night. I had told myself I wouldn't get screeching drunk on my birthday, but people kept buying me drinks all night.
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screeching (drunk)

Sl. intoxicated; very drunk. How can anybody be so screeching drunk on four beers? She's not just drunk; she's screeching.
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screeching (drunk)

mod. alcohol intoxicated; very drunk. How can anybody be so screeching drunk on four beers?
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come to a grinding/screeching halt

Stop suddenly. Referring to the noise made by gears or brakes during a sudden stop, these phrases date from the second half of the 1900s. The National Observer of December 4, 1976, had: “A lot of that stuff is going to come to a screeching halt quickly, and we’re not going to do the screeching.” It is also put as grind to a halt.
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How was it possible that she was unaware that, despite being allowed a right to edit as they see fit, the producers may use that right to edit the footage to make her 'screechy' (if indeed they did)?
Every day, I checked the owl house, but no Screechy. After awhile, I stopped checking.
* Public transport (including screechy trams) running practically 24 hours a day for festivals?
The Girl is amused by his zany showmanship and likes the competition at the end, which pits his stylist skills against those of the rather screechy Brix Smith-Start, whose designer label finds have prices that take your breath away (pounds 18,000 for a coat last week).
Davina McCall as host is less screechy than her Big Brother days and adds a warmth and familiarity to the show (and is probably where most of the budget has been swallowed up).
AONE of the central plots of the film sees Kathy (Reynolds) dubbing the voice of Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen) because her voice was supposedly screechy. However, Reynolds merely mimed while fellow actress Betty Noyes provided most of the vocal talent.
Originally conceived by Kremer and drummer Matt Marlin while at Oberlin College some five or six years ago, early Pterodactyl recordings bear a screechy abrasiveness befitting their winged lizard moniker.
Being hollered at by some screechy harridan in a control centre is not a panacea to solving the underlying problems rife in a society governed by fools.
What makes the singing voice sound sweet--and not screechy?
It's sometimes squeaky, sometimes screechy, but always totally compelling.
It must be made clear to school boards, parents, and the community that fine arts are not merely frills where kids paint pretty pictures and blow a few screechy notes on the clarinet.
At his tone of voice I reverted to teenage mode: "Look, I'm just not, ok?" I said as my voice got ever-so slightly screechy and high-pitched.
THE TELEVISION LEGACY OF THE REAGAN administration has finally aired, on Showtime rather than CBS, bringing its screechy tales of 1980s conservatism only to a small, paying audience of devotees to kitsch.
Most of the pieces are lively, well-written, informative, insightful and, apart from one screechy anti environmentalist polemic by a right-wing think-tanker, measured and cogent.