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screeching drunk

slang Extremely drunk. Our son came back to the house with two of his friends, and they were all obviously screeching drunk, making a huge ruckus downstairs before finally settling down for the night. I had told myself I wouldn't get screeching drunk on my birthday, but people kept buying me drinks all night.
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screeching (drunk)

Sl. intoxicated; very drunk. How can anybody be so screeching drunk on four beers? She's not just drunk; she's screeching.
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screeching (drunk)

mod. alcohol intoxicated; very drunk. How can anybody be so screeching drunk on four beers?
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come to a grinding/screeching halt

Stop suddenly. Referring to the noise made by gears or brakes during a sudden stop, these phrases date from the second half of the 1900s. The National Observer of December 4, 1976, had: “A lot of that stuff is going to come to a screeching halt quickly, and we’re not going to do the screeching.” It is also put as grind to a halt.
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Lee's grocery shop to trade opinions about the source of the screeches. Yoonhee did everything she could to perpetuate Mrs.
Mrs Williams said she went to the end of Kidroyd, from where the screeches were heard, and found Jordy's muddied body.
A male ends each of his screeches with a quick downward slur.
In a crash, as a car screeches to a stop, the passengers continue lurching forward, often slamming into the steering wheel or windshield.
But it also can boast of some stunning imagery: Gharbi, smashing his head against a wall and calling down a golden shower of autumn leaves; the also-blind Machtelt Philips rubbing her back, catlike, against a horizontally stretched rope that is hooked up to contact mikes and, therefore, screeches horrendously; the luminous cocoons of dancers suspended in ropes high above the ground, only to drop like corpses when cut down by scissors in the hands of blind performers.
Some 613 officers around the UK have reported having their hearing damaged by police radio screeches.
Scraping a bow across a string, a beginning violin student can readily create a remarkably diverse array of ear-jangling screeches, whines, and grunts.