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screeching drunk

slang Extremely drunk. Our son came back to the house with two of his friends, and they were all obviously screeching drunk, making a huge ruckus downstairs before finally settling down for the night. I had told myself I wouldn't get screeching drunk on my birthday, but people kept buying me drinks all night.
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screeching (drunk)

Sl. intoxicated; very drunk. How can anybody be so screeching drunk on four beers? She's not just drunk; she's screeching.
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screeching (drunk)

mod. alcohol intoxicated; very drunk. How can anybody be so screeching drunk on four beers?
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come to a grinding/screeching halt

Stop suddenly. Referring to the noise made by gears or brakes during a sudden stop, these phrases date from the second half of the 1900s. The National Observer of December 4, 1976, had: “A lot of that stuff is going to come to a screeching halt quickly, and we’re not going to do the screeching.” It is also put as grind to a halt.
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At the restart, Dragons picked up a try from Screech.
For Diamond, Screech has been a curse and a career.
Yafano, 41, of Glenfield Drive, in Acklam, Middlesbrough, admitted three charges including offering for sale the Kestrel, fraud, and evasion of export restriction for the Western Screech Owl.
The other question was that one about the screech owl having the misleading name, and I thought it was kind of confusing.
So when Barkly and Screech force you to the end of your tether, contact a service such as Community Mediation Services in Eugene (541-344-5366) or one of the community or private services available through the Oregon Mediation Association (503-872-9775).
I was tremendously self-restraining and did not screech even once.
The spokesman said: "Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of ambulance crews and hospital staff, nothing could be done to save the man and he was confirmed dead shortly after arrival at hospital." An eyewitness, who was waiting at a bus stop opposite the scene of the crash, described hearing a "screech of brakes" just before the incident.
Step forward new Evertonian Marouane Fellaini and Screech out of crap 1990s kids show Saved By The Bell.
The world s noisiest bat can screech 100 times louder than a rock concert.
In 1927 ornithologist Edward Howe Forbush wrote about a belief in parts of the Deep South that hearing the quavering, mournful call of a screech owl at night foretold impending death.
Twilight Hunt: A Seek-and-Find Book is a children's picturebook following a screech owl's hunt amid a nighttime forest to feed her chicks.
Screech and others have already pointed out that perplexity is relevant to a number of Rabelais episodes, but Geonget (who often disagrees with Screech) goes into much more technical detail.
THE actor who played loveable geek Screech on US comedy Saved By The Bell is selling T-shirts in a bid to save his house.
A girl no older than 10 and no bigger than a bass guitar steps up to the microphone, looks nervously down at her notes, and proceeds to screech her lungs out.
According to Bob Baer, the agent who was the model for George Clooney's character in Syriana: "You can't pick up an asset with three cars." Can't you see the potential Iraqi recruit lurking furtively in a doorway, praying his neighbors won't see that he's meeting an American, only to have the CIA's three-car convoy roar down the road and screech to a halt right in front of him?