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screeching drunk

slang Extremely drunk. Our son came back to the house with two of his friends, and they were all obviously screeching drunk, making a huge ruckus downstairs before finally settling down for the night. I had told myself I wouldn't get screeching drunk on my birthday, but people kept buying me drinks all night.
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screeching (drunk)

Sl. intoxicated; very drunk. How can anybody be so screeching drunk on four beers? She's not just drunk; she's screeching.
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screeching (drunk)

mod. alcohol intoxicated; very drunk. How can anybody be so screeching drunk on four beers?
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See also: screech
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The Associated Press sat down with Diamond to discuss the show, his missteps and killing Screech.
Yafano, 41, of Glenfield Drive, in Acklam, Middlesbrough, admitted three charges including offering for sale the Kestrel, fraud, and evasion of export restriction for the Western Screech Owl.
Screech signed for semi-professional club Bedwas before being spotted by Jones and his coaching sidekick Kingsley Jones, impressing in the Dragons' pre-season victory over Bath.
The correct answer, by the way, is the screech owl.
I heard a car screech and the next thing I saw was four men attacking the man in front of me," he said.
These days you can rest assured that the screech owl's plaintive calls in the woodlot near your house portend a beginning, not an end.
The Academy is holding a Saved By The Bell school disco on Monday, November 13 and Screech has been booked in for a special appearance.
Screech and his more glamorous friends Zack, Kelly, AC, Jesse and Lisa made Saved By The Bell a Sunday morning and school holiday staple for British teenagers in the early 1990s.
While only one of the primary works is presented for the first time, Screech improves upon the previously published translations by providing a limited, but helpful, commentary.
Timid Lady Rides The Redline": She shudders at / sudden vibrations // clutches her / Aigner bag // for the / dark tunnel // subway screech / and T-stop // at Kendall Square.
Screech, Francois Rigolot, Michel Magnien are the most frequently cited) to lend scholarly plausibility to the human story he is principally engaged in telling.
Another amazing adventure for the Screech Owls peewee hockey team (boys and girls) this time in Washington.
She cannot swing a racket without emitting a screech guaranteed to puncture the human eardrum.
Screech himself, considering a question with the benefit of his own colossal range of references, thought the answer was.
Screech analyzes the biblical, specifically the Pauline, sources of Marot's satiric poetry.