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It ought to be extraordinary that someone can get a book published on the back of this screamingly obvious truth - except for the fact that telling the fat that they eat too much is, apparently, utterly unacceptable.
WITH the dollar at its lowest for eons, there are some screamingly cheap motors across the pond.
Because despite being screamingly cheap and frayed at the edges, Blackpool has an uncanny knack of constantly coming up with goods for top flight fun and entertainment.
The main charge, that the players suffered from a lack of clear communication with their endless team of coaches and administrators was screamingly obvious to anybody who watched five minutes of the painful television coverage from New Zealand.
There are rules in the country to protect the innocent and then there are screamingly shameful episodes like this.
this loopy movie is so screamingly awful it should hit your local video store's markdown bin sometime next month.
The Wolves players had rather gracelessly refused to talk to the local and national media before either leg of this play-off semifinal but, having seen their 'Sound of Silence' policy ultimately prove golden on a screamingly loud night at the Madejski Stadium, presumably they will carry on letting their football do the talking all the way to Cardiff.
Mark Lawrenson proves what the TV 'experts' are paid for - stating the screamingly obvious.
Those facts and figures - along with plenty of screamingly dull ones involving county budgets and crop yields - are included in a regional almanac introduced last fall by the Philadelphia Inquirer.
The screamingly funny Italian theatrical star Ennio with his 50 origami costumes literally in a bag, returns to the Bay Area as the final production of the first annual Napa Valley Summer Musicals at the elegant, newly renovated Lincoln Theater in Yountville, Napa Valley.
Tonight's programme is all about Portland Road in the screamingly fashionable Notting Hill.
Ateful Adolf, he assured readers, "was so infuriated by his screamingly funny pictures in our paper that he chewed off half his moustache".
The poor long suffering man had to put up with me, Rita and Alison and it wasn't easy because we all had such an overdeveloped sense of the absurd we found life in the office screamingly funny the whole time.
There will be an audience for "I Love You, Man" who will find it screamingly funny.
CARNIVAL FUN: youngsters have a screamingly good time at Berry Brow Carnival, one of several successful village carnivals this summer