scream down

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scream down

1. To overwhelm someone into silence or submission by shouting or loudly criticizing; to drown out another person by screaming. A noun or pronoun can be used between "scream" and "down." Protestors screamed down the police officer when he began telling them to disperse. I tried to speak up in support of the proposal, but everyone else screamed me down.
2. To shriek or shout loudly or fiercely on one's end of a line of communication. The air traffic controller screamed down the radio for the pilot to pull up. We could hear her screaming down the telephone at the bank manager.
3. To fly or plummet from the sky at great speed. The plane came screaming down to the ground after both its engines failed. The bullets screamed down from the guard tower on the rioting prisoners below.
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scream someone down

to scream loudly at someone; to outscream someone. (Compare this with shout someone down.) The angry crowd screamed down the politician. They screamed her down and drove her from the platform.
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scream down (on someone or something)

Fig. [for something, such as birds or bombs] to dive down on someone or something, with a loud noise or very swiftly. The bombs screamed down on the helpless peasants. As the bombs screamed down, some people ran and some prayed.
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References in classic literature ?
The dog, incited by its master, sprang over the wicket-gate and pursued the unfortunate baronet, who fled screaming down the yew alley.
Bertha Kircher heard her screaming down the village street at Usanga's heels and trembled at the thought of what lay in store for her at the hands of these two, for she knew that tomorrow at the latest Naratu would take out upon her the full measure of her jealous hatred after she had spent her first wrath upon Usanga.
It was while engaged in this that a hideous, skinless thing came out of the house and ran screaming down the beach till it fell in the sand and mowed and gibbered under the scorching sun.
A nearby resident told our reporter at the scene: "I heard the impact, the cop car came screaming down here at around 4.15am.
The character also slides down dance poles, falls off step ladders, breaks a television camera by playing indoor football and rolls screaming down an embankment after falling off the end of a slide on a surfboard.
We were all screaming down the phone and dancing about."
It took a crew of dudes screaming down the City's mountainous terrain to reassert the energy we'd lost.
Casimiro, 30, was shouting and screaming down the down and was holding a knife, Mr Neary said.
When I found out my classification, I immediately phoned my parents who responded by screaming down the phone - they are very proud of me too."
"Mike Ashley was going to save the business, but Sir Philip Green was screaming down the phone, saying he didn't want to get involved with Mike Ashley," Mr Chappell said.
"Another man was in a very agitated state outside and screaming down the house.
"There were some veterans who, having spent nightmarish days under heavy bombing, with slaughter all around them, recalled the dazzling oddness of getting back to England and seeing cricket being played under the very same blue skies that, just 30 miles away, Stukas were screaming down from.
next thing I know the van is screaming down the hill headed straight toward the hay wagon, and I hear my brother and husband hollering over the drone of the tractor motor.
Labour MP Diane Abbott on the shadow chancellor "There is no better way of getting pain out than running around screaming down a microphone" Singer Sinead O'Connor