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screamed another voice, old and cracked, as I-Gos, the ancient taxidermist, sprang from among the guests and reached the throne steps ahead of the foremost warriors.
Jimmie screamed in pain and tried to twist his shoulders out of the clasp of the huge arms.
The woman screamed and shook her fists before her husband's eyes.
screamed the King, clawing with his fingers at the egg, in a struggle to remove it.
The King was unable to flee because he could not see which way to run; so he stood still and howled and shouted and screamed in abject fear.
And as she apprehended the boy's life was in danger, she screamed ten times louder than before; and indeed Master Blifil himself now seconded her with all the vociferation in his power.
No wonder Miss Rachel was fascinated: no wonder her cousins screamed.
I was at my wit's end after one minute with motormouth Gillian McKeith as she screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed.
In the hospital he screamed and screamed and screamed.
But whenever Ramsey spotted a patrol car behind her or passed one on the street, she screamed at Newlands that he lied to her about keeping deputies away.
DALLAS -- Hundreds of kids screamed their way to nearly matching the world record for the loudest scream by a crowd during the WONKA Scream-Off at Six Flags Over Texas yesterday.
NEARLY 33,000 children have screamed their heads off at screenings of Monsters Inc in Coventry city centre over the past six weeks.
Who screamed out to a frivolous world on dark nights, who was terrified and all alone.
And she screamed along with the audience the first time she saw herself being stalked on the big screen.