scream with

scream with something

to scream because of something, such as pain, anger, rage, etc. Frank screamed with pain when the car door closed on his fingers. The teacher screamed with rage when the student talked back.
See also: scream
References in classic literature ?
He did not know that it had emptied rapidly as the loud scream with which his own had mingled had broken upon the startled ears of the warriors who had been sent to spy upon him.
Elvira will be featured on the eCards website, where she will walk users through how to record their scream with a fun tutorial.
today announced that the Company has entered into a licensing agreement with Scream Networks providing Scream with rights to their Intelligent Rapid Delivery System (IRDS) in order to create a unified technology network, the Scream Gridcast PlatformTM.
com's vice president and broadband general manager, "Joining SCREAM with equipment like Accelerated Networks' multiservice broadband access solutions enables telecom service providers to turn bandwidth into services, rapidly delivering next-generation multimedia applications over common, voice-grade copper wire.