scream down

scream down

1. To overwhelm someone into silence or submission by shouting or loudly criticizing; to drown out another person by screaming. A noun or pronoun can be used between "scream" and "down." Protestors screamed down the police officer when he began telling them to disperse. I tried to speak up in support of the proposal, but everyone else screamed me down.
2. To shriek or shout loudly or fiercely on one's end of a line of communication. The air traffic controller screamed down the radio for the pilot to pull up. We could hear her screaming down the telephone at the bank manager.
3. To fly or plummet from the sky at great speed. The plane came screaming down to the ground after both its engines failed. The bullets screamed down from the guard tower on the rioting prisoners below.
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scream someone down

to scream loudly at someone; to outscream someone. (Compare this with shout someone down.) The angry crowd screamed down the politician. They screamed her down and drove her from the platform.
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scream down (on someone or something)

Fig. [for something, such as birds or bombs] to dive down on someone or something, with a loud noise or very swiftly. The bombs screamed down on the helpless peasants. As the bombs screamed down, some people ran and some prayed.
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References in classic literature ?
There came a crash and a scream down the street, and the priest of Apollo did not start or look round.
"My children cry and scream down the house and ask for their dad.
"I'd get an hour where he would scream down the phone and I'd be like, 'Well, stop watching.
Rather than scream down it in the shortest time possible, you're lowered down gracefully where you can appreciate and take in the awesome surroundings by freely looking around."
TWO YEARS' DETENTION: Dwayne Ryan, now 17, was only 16 when he carried out the 'prolonged' assault on a girl aged 15 A MUM heard her teenage daughter scream down the phone "Please get off, please leave me alone", as she was sexually assaulted, a court has heard.
Staccato screaming hardcore angst that tones the scream down to a mellower shout nicely in time for the chorus.
CAN'T GO BACK Fuzzy electronica from one of Scotland's best ever bands, this is Primal Scream down and dirty with awesome guitar riffs.
[Without reform] the voices of those with money really scream down the voices of those who are advocating on behalf of poor and vulnerable families."
Then again, an Everest-size comet could scream down onto the planet at any moment and silence the debate forever.
I spent two hours on the phone and internet at the same time trying to secure two tickets for the concert on the day they went on sale and rang my sister to tell her the good news only for her to scream down the phone for five minutes with excitement.
CELTIC boss Gordon Strachan must have felt the urge recently to scream down the phone at Martin O'Neill.
The parched stones have been sculpted by fierce winds that occasionally drop off the polar plateau and scream down the valley with hurricane strength, evaporating what paltry snow fails from the sky The air holds so little moisture that this environment is as dry as many hot deserts, and its temperatures rarely rise above freezing.
A FRANTIC mum told yesterday how she heard her son scream down the phone minutes before he went missing.
The Five tour manager then had to scream down the phone at Brown, in another room, before the 23-year-old would believe it wasn't another prank.