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Named one of the top Halloween events in the nation by Haunted Attraction Magazine, Scream Park California features three haunted houses, live music concerts, food, drink, and live entertainment.
We want people to share and join the celebration by creating the longest scream in the world, says the Norwegian director of tourism, Per-Arne Tuftin.
Members of the Spaceflight Society (CUSF) will transmit the screams via a mobile phone on board a satellite, the BBC reported.
The Scream for sale was created in 1885 and is the only version with a frame hand-painted by Munch which includes a poem explaining his inspiration for the piece.
As if Primal scream coming to Belfast to do screamadelica in it's sublime entirety and then Andy Weatherall playing the official afterparty, with the one and only Mani also friggin well playing round the corner in the Black Box wasn't enough.
Last night, Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie laughed off the row and insisted Martin must have heard 12,000 Primal Scream fans singing along to songs from the classic 1991 album and other hits.
Scream 4 features a combination of newcomers and old cast members, in a continuation of the slasher films.
Scream 4 reunites Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox.
She also said that shortly after the scream, she heard the steps of at least two people running.
The Scream and Madonna, both priceless paintings by the Norwegian artist, were recovered yesterday, two years after their theft, Oslo police announced.
I get the kind with extra hormones so my balls can shrivel up and I'll be able to do the butt rock scream.
Bow Wow announced that the Centers for Disease Control's VERB campaign would officially sponsor the Scream II tour.
Raymond Sparkes, who was dropped off by a taxi in St Fagans Road, Fairwater, after a Christmas celebration with workmates, told Bristol Crown Court today: ``I was walking up the path and I heard this horrible scream, I knew it was horrible because it made me stop and think to myself `what the hell was that?
Children visiting a Birmingham cinema will be able to test out their lung capacity in a specially-designed scream booth.
I am that girl of the silent scream silenced by pain for the rest of her life .