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Training occurred in blocks, with some periods being devoted to coping with itching and others to coping with scratching behavior.
Regular scratching removes the frayed and worn outer claws, exposing the new and sharper claws growing underneath.
Calgary's Richard Reeves (Linear Dreams, 1997; 1:1, 2001) creates cameraless animations by drawing and scratching on the film surface, frame by frame, even going so far as to draw his soundtracks.
Scratching at night, even during sleep, is one of the hallmarks of the cycle, so the only way to disrupt it is to prescribe medication that soothes the itching and allows the patient to get a good night's rest, Dr.
While scratching is a natural response to itching, it probably is not the best course of action.
Psychiatrist Dr Chris Brid-gett, who has introduced the new approach, says: "It gets to the stage where it is the scratching that perpetuates the condition.
iScratch also makes learning the technique of scratching more accessible to amateurs.
And, in particular, it was watching another person scratching - rather than seeing the cause of an itch - that made people feel itchy themselves.
There may additionally be some pale scars in the affected areas from deep scratching.
The evolution of the vonMises stresses during scratching with a spherical lip has been studied previously using FEM [46].
For those coatings that contain nanoparticles primarily at the surface, the long-term resistance to scratching is not known.
After hearing about the cameraless animated films of Norman McLaren, he undertook his own experiments by scratching images on the emulsion of 8mm film, an act that has continued to inform his practice.
Instead, social scratching typically accompanies social grooming.