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The collection includes back scratchers made of ceramic, blown glass, jade, brass, silverware, wood, buffalo ribs (cowboy back scratchers), corn cobs (hillbilly back scratchers), leather, and plastic.
Potential licensees in the personal accessories industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Columbus Itch Scratcher on a worldwide basis.
Through the sales of our exclusive pink back scratcher, we hope to help - even in a small way - in the fight to eradicate breast cancer.
com offers consumers the widest selection of quality back scratchers in the world," states Timothy C.
Scratcher, nine Scratcher's baseball team members suited up and ascended upon Nationals Park in time for the Washington Nationals to take on the LA Angels.
Printed clearly on the back of the card, the odds of winning any prize in this scratcher contest are one in 4.
is an environmentally responsible consumer products company and maker of the remarkably effective and wildly popular Cat Scratcher.
which makes corrugated-cardboard cat scratching boxes, had heard complaints that their original, 5-inch-wide Cat Scratcher, although popular with lithe felines, had its limits.
The new creative from Grey Advertising, New York, features "Scratcher Guy," a continuing character who will serve as a brand icon introducing the benefits of Scratcher games to New Yorkers.
Players and retailers alike will receive greater product support through Scratcher automation and more on-line gaming locations.
Monday when a man walked up to an employee and told her he had lost money in the store's Lotto Scratcher machine, apparently trying to get her to open a cash register, deputies said.
The suit, for unspecified damages, charges HISI with breach of contract for failure to deliver on deadline an automated Scratcher validation system.
Men, he wrote, "are exempt from having to run out and buy lottery scratchers and Hershey bars from the corner stores" until Tuesday.
No, Louis and Co can't get to their scratchers until they've perfected their next "spontaneous" bust-up.