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The Constellation Convertible Scratcher and the Combo Scratcher are made from dense corrugate to keep cats happy and scratching longer.
Joyce Ross used her back scratcher from Benidorm to see off a burglar in her home
Cat Claws has been designing, making and selling cat scratchers under the trademark name "Cat Claws" since the 1980s.
The scientists think that by modifying the scratcher tip, the monkeys could be providing "more relief and comfort during scratching."
He bought $5 scratcher tickets for the "Beginner's Luck" game around August 1, 2007.
Rothstein receives a new back scratcher as a gift from patients who return from vacation.
Flash is the original hip hop turntable scratcher, a Bronx DJ who pushed the form into the mainstream consciousness back in 1982.
SCRATCHER was hit by a car two years ago and brought to the Trust where he was slowly nursed back to health.
When Ramsey called the cops about an early morning scratch on his pounds 100,000 Ferrari, they raced round to the restaurant where the minor incident took place so fast that the alleged scratcher was still there.
The kit features an Ergo Handle grip along with interchangeable accessories, including a contour sponge, shoehorn, toe sponge, dressing stick and back scratcher. Simply snap an attachment onto the Ergo Handle and it's ready to use.
It also produces an inexpensive cat scratcher from 100 percent recycled cardboard; organic catnip; and a heavy-duty recycled cardboard pet carrier.
Other prelaunch sales support includes a scratcher mailer bearing a rebate offer of up to $20 at retail, which was sent to 50,000 gainers; ads appearing in game magazines will continue to run through the end of October.
Apparently, BS hasn't given up on landing the cat scratcher, at least not yet.