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Cat Claws has been designing, making and selling cat scratchers under the trademark name "Cat Claws" since the 1980s.
Washington, August 1 (ANI): A new study has reported that wild spider monkeys have invented a new tool, namely crushed and chewed leaves, which serve as body scratchers that can release medicinal compounds into the body of the primates.
The suit seeks injunctive relief via a court order "preliminarily and permanently enjoining the lottery from continuing its practice of continuing to sell scratcher tickets advertising a top prize after the prize can no longer be won.
Today, his collection includes more than 620 back scratchers from 64 countries.
The Columbus Itch Scratcher is also in patent pending status with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Not that there are many now, not since Cat Scratcher from Hell took to raking his nails deep into their legs.
Through the sales of our exclusive pink back scratcher, we hope to help - even in a small way - in the fight to eradicate breast cancer.
Many of the back scratcher models are available exclusively at backscratcherworld.
Ten thousand pounds sounds a lot for a couple of months lying in your scratcher.
Lucky Ann Bradshaw from Glasgow is our latest lucky scratcher - she won pounds 2000 instantly.
Holm said that her husband bought the ticket for her in October and that he had been buying Scratcher tickets for her for five years.
So why should there be any head scratching that, when it comes to my reluctant participation in the latest scratcher game offered by the California Lottery, it's the Clippers who've stepped up and shown that they're committed to making me think I'll be rich someday?
Lottery officials attribute the gain in Scratcher sales to the popularity of $5 games and extended play Scratchers games such as Crossword and Bingo that feature higher prize payouts.
which makes corrugated-cardboard cat scratching boxes, had heard complaints that their original, 5-inch-wide Cat Scratcher, although popular with lithe felines, had its limits.