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Scratched coating samples of System II having a DFT of 100 [mu]m after an immersion time of up to 5 days are shown in Fig.
These consequences vary in severity from minimal pain every time you wash the scratched area, through to the social inconvenience of not being able to wear that new short-sleeved top because of the red, raw scar on your arm, right up to life-threatening scratch fevers.
It is not known if fleas can directly transmit cat-scratch disease to humans, but some authors believe such transmission might explain cases of cat-scratch disease in patients who deny having been bitten or scratched by a cat.
2a shows the representative scanned image and treated image for PP-D2 scratched under progressive load.
LUCKY Dorothy Logan, of Glasgow, struck it lucky when she scratched off pounds 3000 in our instant scratch game.
Adolescent and adult males, especially those regarded as dominant in the group, get scratched the most.
Sections were cut from the scratched area and the characteristics of deformation process and micromechanisms involved were examined.
All over Scotland, thousands of readers have scratched their way to super prizes - including THIRTEEN pounds 50,000 winners.
For evaluation, scanned images of the scratched surfaces of Systems A-D were obtained using an Epson Perfection 4870 Photo flatbed PC scanner, at a resolution of 3200 x 3200 dpi and an 8-bit grayscale setting.
She attributed the higher mar resistance of such coatings to their ability to resist cracking when scratched.