scratch from

scratch someone or something from something

to mark the name of someone or something off a list. We were obliged to scratch Dave from the list. The judges scratched the large collie from the eligibility list.
See also: scratch
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It is important, therefore, to implement a higher resolution technique to distinguish the "signal" of a light scratch from that of unscratched surface without relying on human perception.
However, any measurement of the size of a scratch from the intensity profile has two serious drawbacks.
Thereafter, 7 Studios, under Activision's control, refused to turn over the Scratch game code and attempted to prevent Scratch from obtaining the source code for the game engine.
It is also alleged that after Activision acquired 7 Studios, the two companies began conspiring to prevent Scratch from getting to market on a timely basis by withholding work product, code and the proprietary game controller.