scratch away

scratch something away

to rub or scrape something off by scratching. Look at the finish on this furniture. The cat has almost scratched it away! That cat scratched away the finish on the table!
See also: away, scratch
References in classic literature ?
Jacob paused from his clinking, and looked into the hole, while David began to scratch away the earth, as if in doubtful expectation.
She collects them in her head and on paper and on the black records that scratch away ghostly lovely in the cottage where we live.
But scratch away at Jeremy Corbyn and there isn't much there either.
Then we'd come in with a large trackhoe and scratch away at that rock, dig it out and they'd set another small charge.
In addition, truck beds see heavy duty use in the field that can scratch away the paint and finish, resulting in exposed materials.
But I think if you scratch away the crazy stuff, when it comes to the same things Secretary Clinton is talking about, and Bernie Sanders to a point is talking about, with wage inequity and a stagnating middle class, and the reasons and rationale for that happening, I think that, you know, people are pretty angry.
The free crafts table had a host of items that families could go and decorate including tool box picture frames, personalised cards and scratch away key rings.
Some areas are blocked by clay walls that you need to scratch away before Kirby can roll through.
The demands come against a backdrop of deliberate attempts to scratch away other aspects of Hong Kong's autonomy as a "special administrative region".
Scratch away at the surface Scratch away at the surface of Ukip, under the Farage gleam, and you reveal an underbelly which leans more to lazy racism, than the hard-sell of saying we don't need more immigrants.
That one month's notice may be his way of making Bacchus get back on the horse but it's also a chance to scratch away at what it means to be a copper in 1969.
Scratch away at the surface, though, and what's left is either not yet ready for regular exposure, never has been or no longer should be.
To check if dead-looking twigs are still alive, simply scratch away some of the bark to reveal the healthy yellow-green tissue beneath.