scratch at

scratch at (something)

To scratch something continuously or a great deal. You need to stop scratching at that scab, or you're going to leave a scar! The dog scratched at the door, whining to be let out into the back yard.
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scratch at something

to scratch something. You shouldn't scratch at a chigger bite because it might get infected. Don't scratch at it!
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To put things into perspective, plastic scratches at level 3, tempered glass at level 6, whereas sapphire and diamond screens scratch at level 8 and 10 respectively.
Harnessing Scratch at the heart of the pipeline for the movie, Company 3 established a set-to-post workflow that travelled with the production team as it moved between locations in Hawaii, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico and the stages at Pinewood Studios, UK.
Using the newly constructed light scattering instrument at NIST, optical scattering measurements on a single scratch at various scattering geometries collecting both the specular and nonspecular intensities were conducted.
Fine cracks extend from both sides of the scratch at an angle of about 30[degrees] to the scratch in specimen T3 (Fig.
The plastically deformed matrix also contains parabolic marks with fine cracks extending from both sides of the scratch at an angle of about 30[degrees] to the scratch (Fig.