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Francesca Mapp, marketing manager for The British Hen Welfare Trust, said: "These hardworking hens are looking for a new home, and a chance to spread their wings, dust bathe and scratch around for bugs and slugs.
Second, you can walk behind your herd on the day you want your chickens to scratch around, and drop a handful of oats onto the manure.
The law clearly favours a billionaire living in obscene luxury - as staff who helped build his fortune scratch around for new jobs.
Feathers are ruffled as members scratch around for votes, and the hotpot of politics comes to the boil with an attempted presidential coup.
Quickly skimming over the proposed PS35m Newcastle city centre development and the fact that Newcastle has seen the highest earnings increase in the country, they scratch around for any gloomy news they can find to pour cold water on the good news.
And don't be too eager to clear up all the autumn leaves, either, as birds scratch around in it for mini beasts.
I have to go for now to scratch around for an above 0.25% interest rate.
Unlike other core banking systems, Path Solutions' iMAL is built from scratch around OIFI guidelines and standards, and is determined to be concordant with the Islamic finance directives.
"Unlike past seasons, when we had to scratch around for players, there is now genuine strength in depth in the squad.
Sullivan says a lack of money means he has to "scratch around" for players in the lower divisions but admits the jump in levels can often be too great.
"We can only speculate, but most behaviorists think that cats scratch around their food for either hygienic reasons or for storing leftovers," says Julia Albright, MA, DVM, an animal behavior clinician at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine.
A few guys are low on confidence and one-day cricket is not a game in which you can scratch around for long.
"He told me they had to scratch around for money to fund a sniffer dog, which tells you there's something wrong with the system.
Player-of-the-Match Atkins said: "I wouldn't call my innings a fluent one, but our bowlers took all the pressure off us, so I was able to scratch around and bat around the two good batters.
With Tunisia, however, Lemerre had to scratch around for players, even having to convert Brazilian Francileudo Santos into a Tunisian.