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In this article, first, an integrated approach of scratch test and finite element simulation was adopted to verify the criteria to assess the scratch resistance of PP.
Both Greer Companies and Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen believe in serving-up quality food and hospitality at a great value.
Anita, from Canada, recently said, "I received my (lotto replica) scratch cards a couple weeks ago, and I just want to say thank you
Launched in 2013, the Ooredoo Mobile Data Scratch Cards have become a popular Ooredoo service, due to their ease of use and the benefits provided.
In this research, in order to replicate some of these damages, scratch tests were used for the following reason: by using indenters, it is possible to apply a progressive or constant stress in the coating, at the coating/wood substrate interface and in the primer which has partly diffused in wood cell cavities at the surface.
The licence of Scratch Lab is fully functional and offers users a powerful, widely adopted software solution to process and manage large amounts of data, colour-correct, sync audio, and transcode the stunning images from the entire range of Sony CineAlta cameras.
Use a soft cloth and warm detergent - an abrasive pad will scratch the paintwork.
Although there have been recent improvements in topcoats, consumers continue to demand better abrasion and scratch resistance.
Wynyard took all 12 points in the scratch section but could only halve the handicap.
You can use code or images you find in another project in your own project, or you can download and modify a sample project or any project in the Scratch community.
Cats tend to select a few objects in their environments to scratch, such as trees, fence posts, the corners of the sofa etc.
Enter Scratch, an educational programming language that allows students to explore a wide range of programming skills.
This article describes how Scratch is different from conventional text-based programming languages such as BASIC, Java, or [C.