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table scrap

A piece of food left over from a meal. Don't give the dog another table scrap, I don't want him to get sick. We spend all day cooking their food, and all we get to eat are their table scraps.
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on the scrap heap

Among other unwanted or unused things. Typically used after the verbs "throw" or "toss." It was disheartening to have something that took up so much of my time and energy end up on the scrap heap, but that's just the nature of the industry. It felt like I'd been thrown on the scrap heap after Janice left me.
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throw (someone or something) on the scrap heap

To completely discard someone or something that is unwanted, especially in an unceremonious way. The phrase implies that the thing being discarded is being treated as worthless, completely irredeemable, or not worth fixing. The entire design is in danger of getting thrown on the scrap heap if we can't solve the overheating issue. Fred's worked here for 30 years and they just throw him on the scrap heap like that? That ain't right.
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on the ˈscrap heap

(informal) no longer wanted or considered useful: With the closure of the factory, thousands of workers have been thrown on the scrap heap.
See also: heap, on, scrap
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According to the company, the Foam Series Scrappers perform exceptionally well in the field, which is a growing area of reclaim as a result of an increase in foam production and the need to reprocess low bulk-density material.
TODAY'S SELECTIONS: Haydock 2.50 Poet, 5.45 Scrapper Smith.
Pre Qualification: Procurement of special purpose scrapper vide 19-20/3brd(uls)/ltd/tdr/00008 dt 07 may 19 Eligibility Criteria : PROCUREMENT OF SPECIAL PURPOSE SCRAPPER VIDE 19-20/3BRD(ULS)/LTD/TDR/00008 DT 07 MAY 19 EMD value : INR 4300 Document Purchase Start date : 07 May 2019 Document Purchase End date : 21 May 2019 Opening date : 21 May 2019
Scrapper listened to the footsteps leave the tunnel, heard doors slam and engines rev.
As a result, the scrapper knows little about the outside world, until he is taken under the wing of a kindly, blind piano tuner who tries to teach him about humanity and show him there is more to life than violence.
PORT GLASGOW featherweight Barry Hawthorne lost a bruising battle on points to local scrapper Jamie McKeevor at Everton Park Sports Centre in Liverpool last night.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of scrapper and guard assembly for xrp 1043 bowl mills
'SPARE me the beginner's guide to revolutionary socialism, Scrapper Jones.' 'F***'s sake, Dai.
Former Commonwealth Games scrapper Sharp said: "I had a stuttering start to my pro career with a virus which kept me out for months.
Tenders are invited for Supply of spares for scrapper and skirt sealing in coal handling plant at stpp, jaipur, mancherial, telangana
MOST likely it was Scrapper. But Sue was under orders not to put Scrapper through.
2.00 Newcastle Robson & Prescott Veterinary Group Handicap 1m ATR Card page 34 ey stat Alistair Whillans is 5-17 (+28.50) in 3yo+ handicaps at Newcastle and saddles Scrapper SmithWhat they say Geoff Harker, trainer of City Of The Kings "He's had a bit of trouble with a splint, but it seems to have settled down now and I think he should run a big race." Richard Fahey, trainer of Arabian Spirit and Faithful Ruler "It's going to be testing ground.
SCOTTISH scrapper Ian McLeod is being lined up for an IBO world title fight five months ahead of schedule.
Is Multi Currency Allowed For Fee: No Eligibility Criteria : SUPPLY OF SCRAPPER PLATES Document Purchase Start date : 20 Oct 2018 Document Purchase End date : 30 Oct 2018 Opening date : 31 Oct 2018
Done well, haven't they, Simon?' Scrapper grunted, vanished into the bathroom.