scrape (someone or something) together

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scrape (someone or something) together

To find and gather or collect (things or people) from various sources or locations. I managed to scrape together enough cash to get a bus out to Vancouver to see my girlfriend this weekend. How are we ever going to scrape enough people together to form a team by this weekend?
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scrape someone or something together

 and scrape someone or something up
Fig. to find and collect something; to locate and assemble a group of people or things. (Based on scrape something up.) Fm sure we can scrape up someone for the job. Mary scraped a few dollars together for some new books. John barely scraped up enough money to pay his rent.
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scrape something together

to gather things together by scraping. The waiter scraped all the crumbs together and removed them from the table with a little gadget. Karen scraped together all the trimmings and set them aside.
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scrape together

To accumulate or produce something with difficulty: We scraped together just enough cash to pay for the pizza. The kitchen was so empty that we could barely scrape a meal together.
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References in periodicals archive ?'s Andrew Hagger says: "Those who can afford pounds 805 a month may choose the Clydesdale/ Yorkshire option over scraping together an extra pounds 6,000 for a 10% deposit, that could take them two more years."
In 1991 the founder retired and Tom led a management buy-out, scraping together pounds 100,000 and borrowing against his home.
Ending the panic when families spend Sunday nights scraping together dinner money would be a relief in many homes.
He started out selling sports shoes at market stalls before scraping together pounds 10,000 to set up a franchise.
AFTER scraping together pounds 30,000 to open her dream beauty salon, Cassie Ball had very little to live on - and felt that as a size 20 she didn't really look the part.