scrape together

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scrape together

1. To gather something together from some surface with rough, forceful strokes. A noun or pronoun can be used between "scrape" and "together." I scraped together all the bits of broken glass from the lamp that had fallen on the ground.
2. To find and gather or collect things or people from various sources or locations. A noun or pronoun can be used between "scrape" and "up." I managed to scrape together enough cash to get a bus out to Vancouver to see my girlfriend this weekend. How are we ever going to scrape enough people together to form a team by this weekend?
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scrape someone or something together

 and scrape someone or something up
Fig. to find and collect something; to locate and assemble a group of people or things. (Based on scrape something up.) Fm sure we can scrape up someone for the job. Mary scraped a few dollars together for some new books. John barely scraped up enough money to pay his rent.
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scrape something together

to gather things together by scraping. The waiter scraped all the crumbs together and removed them from the table with a little gadget. Karen scraped together all the trimmings and set them aside.
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scrape together

To accumulate or produce something with difficulty: We scraped together just enough cash to pay for the pizza. The kitchen was so empty that we could barely scrape a meal together.
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Many of us are addicted to horseracing and to the attendant urge to support one's opinion with what cash can be scraped together. When the finest horses in Europe are gathered in the Cotswolds to be ridden by the finest jockeys, the temptation to become too deeply involved is overwhelming.
To be reunited with their sons and daughters, the immigrants scraped together what to many was a fortune to bring their children to the US.
With the few marginal cases she has scraped together, Lynn knows it won't be easy to start over but she is determined.
Mrs Sherlock, who has to use a wheelchair because of multiple sclerosis, said: "We have scraped together our savings to get the licence and the van.
Italy came second and Brazil third but Ireland didn't even make it into the top 20 having scraped together enough votes to pinch 23rd place.
The crook silently made away with a haul of US dollars - money the unlucky priest had scraped together for a dream holiday to America.
Villa, who have scraped together only two points from a possible 18, will be only three points ahead of the third-bottom Hammers if they suffer another defeat.
Bank Restaurant Group scraped together a pre-tax profit of pounds 4,000 in the six months to 30 April after depreciation of pounds 212,000 and good will amortisation of pounds 75,000.
They have scraped together a paltry 37 points in their six hidings to date.
"I wish I wasn't under such pressure, but the fact remains that if we lose at West Ham then it will get even worse." Villa, who have scraped together a mere two points from a possible 18, will be only three points ahead of the third-from-bottom Hammers if they suffer another defeat.
She has scraped together the cash for her son's fees so far, but feared he would soon have to leave when the money ran out.
Instead, Graham Milne's family scraped together pounds 4000 to have the surgery done privately within a matter of days.
Mary scraped together the pounds 75,000 from 14 sources to build her garden - with many backers donating materials instead of money.
After winning the toss and electing to bat, he fell cheaply again as Australia scraped together 235 for eight off 50 overs.