scrape (someone or something) together

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scrape (someone or something) together

To find and gather or collect (things or people) from various sources or locations. I managed to scrape together enough cash to get a bus out to Vancouver to see my girlfriend this weekend. How are we ever going to scrape enough people together to form a team by this weekend?
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scrape someone or something together

 and scrape someone or something up
Fig. to find and collect something; to locate and assemble a group of people or things. (Based on scrape something up.) Fm sure we can scrape up someone for the job. Mary scraped a few dollars together for some new books. John barely scraped up enough money to pay his rent.
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scrape something together

to gather things together by scraping. The waiter scraped all the crumbs together and removed them from the table with a little gadget. Karen scraped together all the trimmings and set them aside.
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scrape together

To accumulate or produce something with difficulty: We scraped together just enough cash to pay for the pizza. The kitchen was so empty that we could barely scrape a meal together.
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Mary scraped together the pounds 75,000 from 14 sources to build her garden - with many backers donating materials instead of money.
After eight weeks on the south Pacific island he could no longer cope on the meagre one meal a day his red team scraped together.
After starting out on $150,000 scraped together from friends and charged on credit cards, the duo has exploded outward, currently expecting sales of up to $20 million this year.
SAN FERNANDO - Completing a 10-year search for funds, city officials this month scraped together the final dollars needed for $5 million of improvements at Las Palmas Park, a symbol of change in recent years for San Fernando.
I scraped together enough to buy a Big Mac and then began to hitchhike home to Penrith.
The North Hollywood resident has scraped together the union's $4,400 membership fee, which would lead to better pay, easier hours, benefits and presumably higher-quality productions.
They arrived Wednesday at their retirement home in Acton, on the rural outskirts of Santa Clarita, courtesy of a trio that has scraped together $50,000 to save the lumbering animals.
Flores and his wife scraped together the down payment for the three-unit building two years ago to provide a better life for their daughter, now 12.
But with additional state revenue scraped together and minor concessions made by department officials, the budget was approved with only a few squabbles.
Years ago, parents scraped together enough money on their own to install some air-conditioning units on campus, but they couldn't afford them for every classroom.
Wiping beads of sweat off her forehead as she waited anxiously to splash into a city pool Monday, 12-year-old Christina Esteves said she's scraped together the 75-cent admission fee many times.
When, as a bright second-grader, Andre's reading skills far outpaced the norm at a public school in Chicago, his father, a heavy-equipment operator, and mother, a postal worker, scraped together the cash to send their son to more rigorous Catholic schools.
Somehow, Stabile scraped together enough money to reshoot the film, working closely with Tucci and the other actors to flesh out their roles and relationships.
Hoping to attract attention to their music, Russell and his bandmates scraped together money to rent a recording studio and contract with a company to manufacture 1,000 copies of the album on compact disc.