scrape together

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scrape (someone or something) together

To find and gather or collect (things or people) from various sources or locations. I managed to scrape together enough cash to get a bus out to Vancouver to see my girlfriend this weekend. How are we ever going to scrape enough people together to form a team by this weekend?
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scrape someone or something together

 and scrape someone or something up
Fig. to find and collect something; to locate and assemble a group of people or things. (Based on scrape something up.) Fm sure we can scrape up someone for the job. Mary scraped a few dollars together for some new books. John barely scraped up enough money to pay his rent.
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scrape something together

to gather things together by scraping. The waiter scraped all the crumbs together and removed them from the table with a little gadget. Karen scraped together all the trimmings and set them aside.
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scrape together

To accumulate or produce something with difficulty: We scraped together just enough cash to pay for the pizza. The kitchen was so empty that we could barely scrape a meal together.
See also: scrape, together
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But it's bad news for Lucan twins John and Edward Grimes - dubbed "vile creatures" by Simon Cowell - who managed to scrape together just 35,000 hits, 20 times less than Danyl.
But after XL went bust last Friday, she was forced to scrape together the extra money.
Meanwhile, those of us who exist on one state pension and whatever we can scrape together must watch while the fiddlers fiddle and the trust in politicians burns.
Sunderland are hoping to scrape together a deal for Cameron Jerome by offering striker Andy Gray in exchange.
If they can scrape together a down payment and get the loan, then they'll buy.
The majority of fans struggle to scrape together enough for a season ticket -- and that's after paying for the mortgage, bills, taxes and kids
Loach is hoping for success with Sweet Sixteen, in which a hard-up teenager whose mother is in prison tries to scrape together the money to buy a caravan so his family can start a better life.
No matter how hard they work most can barely save anything each month once they've paid the rent, let alone scrape together a deposit.
The 30-year-old added: "We managed to scrape together a crew and shot a promo video for the Kickstarter campaign.
So, while many of us struggle to scrape together enough money to pay for a deposit, never mind a monthly mortgage payment, the Queen has ten homes to choose from across the UK, and can drop by any of them whenever she happens to be nearby.
Councilman Dennis Zine stated, ``Here we are, as a council, trying to scrape together money to hire police officers and firefighters, to keep parks open, and we are wasting almost $2 million to install tanks we could never use and now to remove them.
He said: 'I managed to scrape together the rest of the money and pay it off so we picked the gown up from the auction house yesterday - we've got it safe.
CHESTER City manager Ian Rush managed to scrape together a 17-man squad for this afternoon's trip to Cambridge but made up the numbers with YTS and reserves.
The black market trade in fake European IDs and P45s not only criminalises many of these people but fleeces them of hundreds of Euro that often takes them years to scrape together.