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Although bucks won't take over every mock scrape, they seem almost compelled to at least check them out once.
They're leaving all these different forms of scent at the scrape," Kelly said.
In each case we made a naked eye diagnosis from examination of the excised specimen before examining scrape cytology, after surgical removal, the lump was thoroughly inspected and palpated first as such and then it was bisected.
None of the 20 control cases, healthy women with negative cytology, yielded positive HPV detection when their scrape and plasma DNA isolates were assessed.
Scrape Juice, manufacturer of scent products, has moved to a larger manufacturing facility in Cartersville, Ga.
When the burning is done, you can scrape the pig in the normal fashion.
I wish we'd scrape a billion blues today," I say, waiting on the dock.
Remove from the freezer and, using a metal fork, scrape the granite into shaving and set aside in the freezer.
The most commonly used method is to make two holes on the back of the fruit and scrape out the shell until it is completely clean.
If the owner finds peeling paint upon inspection or during the course of a year, or the tenant reports peeling paint to the owner, the owner has to timely protect the area with plastic, wet scrape the surface, repaint, and when done, either wash or HEPA vacuum the area.
The General Secretary, Pakistan Ship Breaking Association (PSBA), Hasan Jafri said the ship breaking industry has enjoyed a bright era from early seventies till late eighties when it emerged as world's second largest steel scrape producing after Taiwan.
Back in early October, I tore up a huge mock scrape under the overhanging branches of a willow below my ambush tree, and kept it regularly scented with doe-in-heat lure.
If he smells something that intrigues him, only then might he actually approach the scrape.
In a Contherm, blades scrape the heat transfer surface at predetermined intervals to reduce fouling and prevent hot or cold spots developing.
PESHAWAR, March 29, 2011 (Frontier Star): Police and government institutions had completed registration of all the scrape traders.