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Tom, still red with shame at being caught in such a scrape, left Fanny to her tears, and went manfully away to find the injured Polly, and confess his manifold transgressions.
I 'd have cut over to the Smythes and got ma home to fix things, only it looked like backing out of the scrape; so I did n't," said Tom, as a last appeal.
It happened just about the time at which we have now arrived, and was the first of a series of scrapes into which our hero managed now to tumble.
East wouldn't get into so many scrapes without him."
Now, I rather guess there is not another gentleman present who could scrape the lint so well as Squire Jones!”
"So am I, but a kind word will govern me when all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't," said Jo, trying to say a kind word for her friend, who seemed to get out of one scrape only to fall into another.
After a couple of scrapes, be looked at himself closely in the mirror, grinned, and went on shaving.
Rounding the last bend before reaching my stand, I slipped the spray bottle of doe scent from my pocket, intending to cover the old barn rope guarding the mock scrape with the sweet smell of an amorous doe.
Khachuyan said he taught Russian journalism students how to scrape the web and that two of them had scraped Facebook for the public profiles of their classmates.
There is no better time of year to place a camera on a scrape than late in the pre-rut, as scrape activity will be at its peak.
Ijeoma said that on the same date at about 5.30 a.m, the convicts jointly and criminally entered into Mohammed's house and stole iron scrape valued at N20,500 which the convicts had earlier sold to the complainant.
Auto Business News-August 1, 2017--Tint World(R) Automotive Styling Centers becomes authorised dealer and installer of Scrape Armor
The Great Scrape is a wooden tool designed to clean the grill safely.
Opening morning of archery season, the buck stepped out at 60 yards behind me, where there was a scrape with a licking branch overhead.