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table scrap

A piece of food left over from a meal. Don't give the dog another table scrap, I don't want him to get sick. We spend all day cooking their food, and all we get to eat are their table scraps.
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on the scrap heap

Among other unwanted or unused things. Typically used after the verbs "throw" or "toss." It was disheartening to have something that took up so much of my time and energy end up on the scrap heap, but that's just the nature of the industry. It felt like I'd been thrown on the scrap heap after Janice left me.
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throw (someone or something) on the scrap heap

To completely discard someone or something that is unwanted, especially in an unceremonious way. The phrase implies that the thing being discarded is being treated as worthless, completely irredeemable, or not worth fixing. The entire design is in danger of getting thrown on the scrap heap if we can't solve the overheating issue. Fred's worked here for 30 years and they just throw him on the scrap heap like that? That ain't right.
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on the ˈscrap heap

(informal) no longer wanted or considered useful: With the closure of the factory, thousands of workers have been thrown on the scrap heap.
See also: heap, on, scrap
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Given these potential risks, the obvious question is: What can foundries do to prevent radioactive sources and scrap from entering their facilities?
Recycling Industries had probably been the largest scrap roll-off company in the state, and all those customers needed service.
Concluding the ferrous roundtable, Wim van Acker with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants LLC, Munich, Germany, said he expected ferrous scrap markets to be volatile, but fairly strong.
Options available for re-introduction of roll and loose scrap.
Much as with his scrap business, Randy started the roll-off company with a modest investment--one roll-off truck and one dump truck--but with large goals.
New Clean Room Granulator for medical scrap has a negative-pressure enclosure to contain dust.
The next month, ferrous scrap shattered the $200 per ton ceiling, and the AMM No.
O'Brien Recycling, established in 1997, is a full-service scrap metal recycler handling mainly prompt industrial scrap.
In sessions designed to address three of the most commonly traded scrap metals--steel, aluminum and copper--industry analysts and executives offered their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities in the scrap market.
Expanding markets now consume four out of live scrap tires, according to a report by the Rubber Manufacturers Association.
For example, a large, busy foundry may not want to take the time to minimize core scrap rate.