scramble for

scramble for (something)

1. To attempt to reach something or some place in a jostling, tumultuous hurry or panic. Shoppers flooded the shop during its huge sale, scrambling for anything they could get their hands on. Everyone scrambled for the exits when the fire alarm went off.
2. To attempt to achieve, acquire, or secure something in a great rush or panic. After the huge success of the innovative new product, tons of other companies have been scrambling for their own version. We were left scrambling for a new general manager after Tom resigned very suddenly.
See also: scramble

scramble for someone or something

to push and struggle to get to someone or something. All the teenagers scrambled for the rock star but couldn't catch him. The children scrambled for the candy as it fell from the pinata.
See also: scramble
References in classic literature ?
The emphatic horse, cut short by the whip in a most decided negative, made a decided scramble for it, and the three other horses followed suit.
Harrogate racer A Redfearn was the winner in the Unlimited cc Non-winners race and D Todd was first across the line in the Bradley Scramble for bikes up to 200cc.
of Witwatersrand, South Africa) and Melber (executive director, Dag Hammraskjold Foundation, Sweden), provide varying answers to that question as they examine such issues as the neoliberalization of African economies, US-Chinese rivalries over African resources and markets, India's motivations for engaging with Africa, the role of South Africa, the militarization of resource politics in Africa, connections between oil and war in Chad, comparison of the activities of transnational mining companies in the 19th and 21st centuries in the Central African copper belt, the scramble for genetic resources, the European Union and the international scramble for African fish, the marginalization of African capitalism, and public contracts and foreign business bribery in Uganda.
If these two players are not open, the QB will scramble for the end zone.
If both options are covered, the QB will scramble for the end zone.
According to some theorists, such a mating fest, where males literally scramble for partners, should encourage the evolution of specific ways to pick the best mates.
Thomas Pakenham notes, "The scramble for Africa bewildered everyone" (xxi).
The Scramble for Africa is an extremely readable and well-constructed discussion of a momentous era.